Sunday, February 17, 2008


I guess you could title this post "Why NBC sucks." I think I have NBC's problems all figured out. Instead of coming up with original ideas, these guys have had to dip into the vault for their shows. So they retread The Bionic Woman, which no one wanted to see back. They brought back American Gladiators which has its season finale tonight. And now they are bringing back another piece of junk.

Knight Rider is back. No, David Hasselhoff isn't back, but the talking car Kitt is. And you wonder why the ratings at NBC are so brutal. What's next, the return of Baywatch?

If you want to see what Knight Rider looked like back in the old days, here's a clip of the show.

And for the new Knight Rider, here's a preview here.

Boy, do I sound cranky these days. Well, if winter lasts long enough, that's what happens!

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