Monday, February 18, 2008


You can just tell that I have my tongue planted firmly in my cheek with respect to this headline. Important, my foot.

Anyway, it seems as if Lindsay Lohan has finally taken leave of what is left of her marbles and has posed naked in New York magazine, pretending to be Marilyn Monroe.

I don't mean partially covered-up, either. Lindsay Lohan is actually naked in the magazine. We're talking complete wardrobe malfunction here. Topless.

Well, this has got Marisa Miller's Sports Illustrated cover all beat. Way to go, Lindsay.

Of course, people think this is a brilliant marketing move. Everyone knows what happened to Marilyn, and the thought of Lohan mimicking Marilyn's famous poses -- well, it's rather creepy. Plenty of people think Lohan, and especially Britney Spears, may not be long for this world, either. They are both tragedies waiting to happen -- just like Marilyn Monroe.

(Although to be fair, a lot of people think Lohan is more of a modern-day Ann-Margret. That was another girl-next-door type who did lots of singing and dancing. So maybe there's hope for Lindsay Lohan yet.)

In other news, whiners at the New York Times are screaming sexism again about all the coverage heaped on Lohan, Spears, Paris Hilton and these other losers. They think these "bad boys" ( ie. Mel Gibson) should get more coverage from the entertainment rags.

Well, there's a reason these silly entertainment rags cover these girls-gone-wild. It's because most of the females who buy these rags are jealous people who want to feel superior to these other women in Hollywood! It makes them feel better about their own, miserable non-lives. That's my theory, anyway. Actually, it's all about selling magazines, and these publications figure they can do better putting Lindsay, or Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston or any of the other usual suspects, on the cover.

I don't think Mel Gibson is exactly going to move product. But Lindsay Lohan might.

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