Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I find it interesting when I read stories about movies doing shoots in these various locations. Everywhere but Hollywood.

As you know a lot of Hollywood movies aren't shot in Hollywood. They are actually shot elsewhere, with lots of production happening in places like Toronto and Vancouver. And Louisiana. A lot of movies get shot down there in Louisiana. I know the Czech Republic has seen a lot of movie shoots over the years, too.

I'm quite surprised at the large amount of motion picture activity in the Winnipeg area, though I probably should not be. Fact is that costs in Manitoba are pretty low and filmmakers here don't get hosed the way they do in Toronto or even Vancouver. I heard than in Toronto a lot of businesses put up their prices in order to milk the local movie industry, which of course packed up and went to the next place. So Winnipeg has been able to capitalize on that.

In fact, the motion picture industry is booming around here. Just recently Renee Zellweger came to town to do a flick called Chilled in Miami. And many of you know that The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford was shot in Manitoba. Did you know that the movie You Kill Me, which starred Ben Kingsley and Tea Leoni, was filmed in Winnipeg? That movie was set in Buffalo, yet they shot in in Winnipeg. People in Buffalo aren't thrilled about all the movies that are set in Buffalo yet get filmed in Winnipeg, Montreal and elsewhere.

Anyway, they've shot a lot of stuff around the Winnipeg area such as movies-of-the-week and that sort of thing. Manitoba does a good job doubling for the American great plains, and Winnipeg is a big enough city that it can double for any big city out there. Yet it's small enough to be inexpensive to shoot and easy to get around. Basically, Winnipeg is the Buffalo of Canada.

There's lots of competition for shoots, though, with tax credits being what they are and so on, and it's not just Manitoba getting in on the action. Lots of US states are beefing up their incentives. California, too, is quite vocal about trying to get more production back in the state. LA is more of a center for reality shows these days, but they want to change that and get more scripted shows and movies shot there, again.

Now, I thought I would link to an article about the scene in Connecticut, of all places. Seems more movies are getting shot in Connecticut, and here's a flick from a bunch of filmmakers from that state. It's called Bikini Bloodbath and it seems like the kind of thing Troma might do.

Fun stuff.

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