Monday, February 04, 2008


Just a reminder to everyone that the big Super Tuesday primaries and caucuses go tomorrow, and if we believe the prognosticators it could be a close race between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama on the Democratic side, and a likely outright clinching win for John McCain tomorrow over Mitt Romney.

We get a lot of TV advertising from the US channels in Minnesota and they have been flooded with ads on the Democratic side for Obama. We've seen one Obama ad after another, encouraging people to go out to the caucuses. Of course, what's really funny are the ads for US Senate, especially the ones for unlikely candidate Al Franken. "I'm Al Franken, and I'm serious" about running for the Senate, he keeps on saying. It's almost as if the moment you see him on TV you think he'll make some wisecrack about George W. Bush or something like that. It's almost as if Michael Moore was running for the Senate.

I just had to throw that in. But hey, what do you expect from a state that once elected Jesse Ventura? (By the way, the Republicans are having their big national convention in St. Paul this summer. Fun stuff -- Minnesota is definitely a happening place as far as politics is concerned this year.)

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