Friday, February 08, 2008


Just wanted to point you to a website called, put out by Marc Guggenheim, one of the co-creators with Greg Berlanti of a new ABC series airing right now called Eli Stone.

The show is about this lawyer who gets these crazy visions, and one of these quack physicians believes he could be a modern-day prophet. But everyone else just thinks he's crazy. Me, I think the guy has lost his marbles. He's crazier than Ally McBeal.

Actually, the real reason I am interested in the show is because beautiful Natasha Henstridge is in it. And I'm crazy about Natasha Henstridge -- but admittedly, not nearly as crazy as this guy Eli Stone is. Man, this guy is a nut.

Seems Guggenheim is yet another one of these lawyers who ditched lawyering to become a screenwriter. He's worked on such shows as Law and Order, Brothers and Sisters, The Practice, Jack and Bobby, CSI Miami, the works. Really cool television series, the kind of stuff I'd like to watch.

Well, if it worked for him, it might work for me, eh? Only problem is that he's currently on strike, along with everyone else in the freaking writers guild.

But don't worry. Michael Eisner said that the strike will soon be over. The writers have their big meeting on Saturday and hopefully this deal will be accepted there, though I think there are still quite a few hardliners out there who might stir up trouble.

You're probably wondering why a new show like Eli Stone would even get on the air with the writers out picketing? Well, they saved up a ton of these shows in advance and are rolling them out just now. It's bailing ABC out. But really, the network schedules are a mess. I look at the lineup over at NBC. Usually it would be a night of comedy with The Office, My Name is Earl, 30 Rock and the rest, but yesterday's lineup was a mess: Deal or No Deal, Celebrity Apprentice, and a new show called Lipstick Jungle.

This strike has to end. Fast.

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