Thursday, January 31, 2008


Welcome to a very unusual edition of the Worst Shows on TV list for 2008 -- unusual, because everyone is on strike. So what we have seen on TV has taken a direct hit from the labor disruptions in Hollywood and the nonsense that has been going on. It has been a brutal year, with shows going for 13 weeks before running out of episodes, with series premieres delayed until January in certain cases, and with networks scrambling to fill the time with the likes of Celebrity Apprentice and American Gladiators. And other utter crap. Late night television has been a bad joke, too, with the writers off the job.

So anyway, here I go with my list of travesties for the year. And since I am boiling mad over how badly The Apprentice series has been ruined by all the changes that have been imposed on that show, I have decided that I might as well name that train wreck Celebrity Apprentice the worst show on TV for 2008.

Really, does this show have any credibility at all, now?! I saw that episode with Vinny Pastore from The Sopranos resigning, and it was so obvious it was all an act. And you have everyone fighting with everyone, and it's pretty obvious this whole season is a total ratings stunt. What's really sad is that it's working! Enough people are tuning into this garbage now that NBC has decided to bring the show back in another celebrity incarnation next season! What are these guys thinking?!

And what are they thinking with all the rest of the reality rubbish they are throwing on the tubes? Like American Gladiators? And My Fair Brady? Let's not talk about The Girls Next Door, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and the rest of this unscripted utter junk we are getting.

I gotta say this about Gene Simmons. He may be good at picking women to hook up with (Shannon Tweed), but he's no good at picking good TV series to appear in. If he is in a show, it's a sure sign of doom. I don't care what show it is, whether it is his own show or Donald Trump's junk. If Gene Simmons is in it, it's automatically crap as far as I am concerned. Stick to singing, Gene, you were good at that.

So that's six out of ten "worst shows" right there, leaving the final four spaces for the usual suspects: Jerry Springer, Maury Povich, Tyra Banks and America's Next Top Model. And that's your Worst List for the year.

Sorry, I didn't have room for the shows that regularly cover the Britney Spears beat -- shows like TMZ or Nancy Grace. But these shows are just as bad. I'm sure these boring home-gardening and real estate shows on HGTV are brutal, too. Same for the junk on TLC and these other places. As for American Idol, I repeat: as bad as this show is, its spinoffs are even worse. So it stays off any Worst Show list by default, but Simon Cowell and the gang sure don't escape blame for the sad state of affairs in TV land.

Like I say, this was a big year for bad, brutal TV. And thanks go to the people letting this Writers Strike go on and on. Give the writers a fair deal already and get it over with, fast, guys. Because I am sick and tired of watching phony celebrities do phony reality TV. Instead of phony reality TV, go back to doing phony scripted shows. At least when people do phony scripted shows, people are honest enough to say it's a work of fiction ----unlike the people who try and pass off these other efforts as "real" or relective of reality.

That's my rant on TV! Good day!!

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Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention "Ugly Betty" as one of the worst shows ever! Everything is so contrived and dishonest in this dull, awful pile of garbage.