Saturday, January 19, 2008


What's going on over at Gawker Media? Now the revolving door has spread to Wonkette!! Megan Carpentier has left, and she wasn't there very long. This comes on the heels of that damning New York Times piece that accuses Gawker Media of jumping the shark.

This is more proof that the world of blog media is getting too big for itself. Bad management practises and a revolving door are getting to be commonplace over there, with talent people getting hired and getting sacked. I wouldn't be surprised if there is a big advertising crunch happening over there. Keep in mind there have been rough times elsewhere. I notice CBS News closed down its Public Eye blog and laid off a bunch of staffers, so it seems like things aren't as rosy for the online operations as these pro-new media people think. You know the people I am talking about: all these Kool-Aid drinkers like the cheerleaders over at

I think the only way to go for these bloggers is to own their own website, or at least have total control over its operation (ie. Nikki Finke). Putting your career in the hands of the idiots running blogging "empires" like Gawker into the ground is no way to go.

Having said that I do think there is a bright future ahead for internet-based media, particularly the part of it that covers entertainment. I think these newspapers are on their last legs with their cookie-cutter, heavy-handed approach to news writing and news stories. Most of these papers don't give their writers any freedom, dammit! And a lot of times the story doesn't get out because of it. I know, I've been through the ringer myself with old media. That's my rant for the week.

And I am done talking about the journalism business, for now, anyway. Stay tuned for my usual rants about my favorite subjects: movies, TV, politics, sports, and girls.

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