Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Here's more News from Nowhere from me, where I go bananas talking about the important news that I missed during the busy time I have spent away from this blog. Yes, I have been busy.

First off, another reminder to myself that the Iowa Caucuses are tomorrow night, and therefore I ought to tune in to CNN to get their complete political coverage. Big questions about who will win on the Democratic side and even bigger questions about who will win on the GOP side-- either Mitt Romney or Mike Huckabee. My guess is it could be close.

Also, look out for John McCain, he's coming on strong in New Hampshire again after being written off not long ago. And what's happening with the Rudy Giuliani campaign? I guess he's hoping to win Florida or somewhere like that. Well, he's really taking his chances if that is his strategy.

Also, I missed completely the frozen outdoor NHL game because I had to work on New Year's Day.

Here's Nikki Finke's take on the return of the late night comics.

Pakistan is still in a lot of chaos and the elections there may be delayed or called off.

And we are still getting snow and cold weather around here. Life is still bad here in Canada. I should move to Mexico.

Uh, that is all for now.

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