Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Since I've been known to write about movies and do movie reviews whenever I get a spare moment, I thought I'd post this next blurb -- because in the movie review biz this is big news. Well-known film critic Pete Hammond is out the door at MAXIM. Apparently the cash-strapped rag is getting rid of movie reviews altogether, figuring that the only thing MAXIM readers want to see are babes! They're right! But they also want to see MAXIM be a half-decent magazine occasionally and this won't cut it.

Hammond actually is kind of notorious in the movie review industry for being a "quote whore", as the folks at eFilmCritic like to say. A quote whore is a movie critic who likes to praise movies so he can get his name mentioned in all the movie ads you see on TV and elsewhere. Hey, at least it's good for the old ego when that happens.

Nobody has quoted me on any of my reviews yet, probably because I am judicious about the movies I praise. I ought to find the worst movie imaginable and write a positive review on it, just so I can get my name mentioned on their movie posters. (I could start with One Missed Call, a movie so bad it is at ZERO PERCENT at Rotten Tomatoes!)

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