Sunday, January 06, 2008


Read that Fox Business, that new cable financial channel from Fox News, is a royal flop. They are getting about 6,000 viewers a day. Six thousand?!?!?! Heck, I got more viewers when I was on TV, and I was at a lowly cable station! I'm pretty sure of it, anyway. Six thousand people are pretty bad numbers, folks.

Don't get me wrong. I want to see another business news channel succeed, but these numbers really are brutal. Why Fox Business doesn't stream over the Internet like these other business channels is beyond me. They'd get more viewers that way, for sure. I'm able to tune in to CNBC and Bloomberg over the Net; it boggles the mind why Fox Business won't offer the same service.

Perhaps people are turned off by the way they cover business. They should stick to covering the markets instead of having their hot young anchors hanging out in bars talking about nothing. Hey, ladies, how do you expect to get any reporting done in a bar? The stock exchange is down the street!


In other news--- hot Fox Business newsbabe Jenna Lee is a lonely bachelorette who is in dire need of a guy. Well, maybe she should quit and go to CNBC. If she goes over there, she'd have no problem getting dates with guys, because lots of guys watch that channel.


Adam said...

Hehe, didn't know Fox was going for the "Babes in a Bar" angle on business news. What a joke.

Hey, BTW, where can you get CNBC streaming?

djimenez said...

Jenna Lee is one of the smartest and most attractive women working in network news. Check out her interview with Young Money magazine at