Saturday, January 12, 2008


Can you believe this nonsense out of France where French president Nicolas Sarkozy is in a steamy, serious relationship with gorgeous model/singer Carla Bruni. In fact, they are probably going to get married.

Wow. This is the French equivalent of Prime Minister Stephen Harper leaving his wife to run off with Tricia Helfer.

Now everyone is trashing the French president and saying he should stick to politics, and quit running around with beautiful women. All the boring people in France say they disapprove and his poll numbers have gone in the tank.

Typical jealousy, I think. To quote Donald Trump from his Celebrity Apprentice show: most people are losers.

It brings up the whole question again about whether politicians are even allowed to have a personal life these days. Politics can be hard enough, with all that time spent away from your family and so on, and it's easy to see why a lot of people shy away from public office. Personally, I don't think it's the public's business to dictate to politicians who they should be seeing, or whether or not they should have a love life or not. If you're not allowed to have a decent love life, why would people even bother seeking the job?! That's a sure-fire way to discourage a lot of talent from running for office. No wonder so many uptight, boring people get elected, then, if that's the attitude from voters.

I don't have a problem with Sarkozy seeing Carla Bruni, just as I didn't have a problem with Argentina president Carlos Menem (right) having a hot-looking wife in Cecilia Bolocco, former Miss Universe. (There I go again, with my Miss Universe obsession.) As long as these guys still do their jobs, I think it's fun for politicians to have beautiful, hot-looking wives. It livens things up.

(Although I heard Menem and Bolocco recently split. Well, that's life.)

By the way, I read somewhere that presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich's wife is young and quite hot. I guess even the Americans are getting into the act.

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