Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Just some more news from nowhere for all three people still reading this blog:

Heath Ledger is Dead!!!!!!! I am not making this up.

Suzanne Pleshette is dead, too, but she died a couple days ago.

Oscar nominations are out.

Also, Fred Thompson has quit the US presidential race.

Still more sabre-rattling against John Tory as PC leader in Ontario and I notice that the sabre-rattlers are now suggesting federal health minister Tony Clement as a possible replacement name. Well, this puts me in an awkward position because I have publicly supported both these guys in the past, and pretty staunchly. I'm glad I am out of politics.

The Leafs have fired John Ferguson Jr.!!!!

And CBC News reporter Krista Erickson has been found guilty of forwarding questions to a Liberal MP in the leadup to that ethics committee inquiry in December. Way to go with your journalistic independence, Krista.

Did I mention that it will be New England versus the New York football Giants in the Super Bowl?!

That's it.

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