Saturday, January 05, 2008


Well, you can tell just by watching your TV set that times ain't normal in Hollywood. You tune in late nights and you see Dave Letterman having grown a beard, and Conan O'Brien having grown a beard, and you can tell just looking at that that times ain't normal. By the way, Dave shaves his beard off on TV on Monday. Good, because he looks ridiculous.

Here's a critic's take on the late night shows, with Jay Leno's show getting trashed for being too political. Well, what do you expect if actors decide to boycott Jay. Personally, I liked Craig Ferguson's return show the most -- it was one of his better efforts. Everyone else looked like they were still on vacation or something.

Meanwhile, the Golden Globes awards telecast set for NBC on Jan. 13 is about to get ruined. Not only are the writers not going to be there writing the show, but the Screen Actors Guild is going to boycott the event in solidarity with the writers. So what the heck are people going to do? This show is toast without the actors and actresses showing up. Here's what Nikki Finke had to say about it.

Notice that the reality shows are coming out of the woodwork now in time for the second half of the television season. Not only in Celebrity Apprentice now on (what a joke that show has become) but American Gladiators is coming back to NBC soon. Talk about downmarket, folks. All I gotta say about this we are in for some bad, bad television in the next few months.

On the movie side, some more news breaking today: apparently Tom Cruise and Paula Wagner cut a side deal for United Artists with the writers guild. Good. At least there will be some decent movies at the theater in 2009 now.

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