Saturday, January 12, 2008


I think that whoever it was who came up with the idea to bring The Apprentice back with celebrities should be fired. This show is not just bad, it is a disgrace.

I saw the show Thursday night and the celebrities on that show aren't treating the process seriously at all. You had Gene Simmons insulting Ivanka, for example. And you had Nadia Comaneci looking like a celebrity who was just there to fill the quota. No wonder she was fired, and by the way, what the heck has happened to her good looks? She looked just terrible on the show.

And the task was barely about business on the last show. Instead, it was about producing a commercial and getting the celebrities to appear as actors on it. Well, that ain't much of a stretch, folks.

Mind you, it was interesting seeing these larger than life celebrities react, but you know, who wants to root for these people? They're already winners in life, most of them. Why don't these people simply go back to what they were doing before? Oh, I forgot -- these athletes need something to do with their time now that they are retired. Why don't they just do endorsement deals and speaking engagements?! Beats working for the Donald.

What's really sad is that I hear that the ratings were good for this lousy show in its opening week. Donald Trump is all pleased with the ratings, saying the move to Thursday night was just what the show needed. Well, the only reason the show is back on Thursday night is because of the writers strike! Because of the writers strike, there are no more situation comedies to put on the air on NBC on Thursday night! So we get this total nonsense instead, nonsense that makes that whole season spent by this series in LA look like Emmy material.

I have a further writers strike rant up my sleeve. I plan to talk about how the idiots at home in middle America are hurting the writers' cause by supporting all these writerless shows. But I just don't feel like writing about it right now. Suffice it to say I think The Apprentice is a joke, and everyone associated with this series should be embarrassed.

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