Friday, January 11, 2008


Well, it's been a few days since the New Hampshire primary made fools out of all these political "experts" who thought the supposed surge for Barack Obama would carry him to victory over Hillary Clinton.

Well, Clinton won and everyone has egg on their faces. You know, I think this serves these idiots in the media right for putting too much faith in these polls. I remember there were polls out in these races here in Canada that predicted certain people to lose, and of course they ended up winning. And inevitably the reason why they won came down to organization and getting out the vote. I think maybe Clinton had the superior organization in New Hampshire from day one and that alone can trump these polls. Plus, I am sure there were a lot of late deciders. Plus there were people who claimed to be Obama supporters but who weren't going to vote anyway.

I know Obama had some big crowds as well, and people were saying that he was going to win based on that. Just because people get big crowds doesn't necessarily mean much, unless one candidate is getting really huge crowds while the other is unable to get even close friends and relatives to show up.

Anyway, let that be a lesson to the media. Never make a prediction based on momentum. And I don't believe for a moment that any of these reports that these idiots in the media got about chaos in the Clinton campaign were true. I think those stories were probably all made up by some non-credible people and these media monkeys ran with it. Hey, I've seen it happen myself in journalism. And frankly I think it's best to just shut up about any rumors and let the real story play itself out.

That's it!

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