Monday, December 31, 2007


Bye bye Court TV.

Although I think Court TV Canada is going to stick around. Weird.

Saturday, December 29, 2007


The New England Patriots take on the New York Giants tonight in a bid to be the first team since the 1972 Dolphins to go undefeated for the regular season-- 16-0.

But the trick is to go undefeated during the playoffs, too! And those are next week.

The game is originally meant to be on the NFL Network, but NBC and CBS are picking up the game as well, taking the NFL Network feed.

UPDATE: They did it! 16-0! Certainly the most-watched game in NFL Network history --although it took NBC and CBS for that to happen.

Friday, December 28, 2007


Can you believe that the Iowa Caucuses are almost here already? Get set for political coverage next week on THE CAIRNS BLOG as we link to Iowa presidential race results. I will also be cross-posting to my all-politics blog known as Cairns On Politics--- which, as you know, is not up to much lately and has no audience. Maybe I'll post more often over there than I have in the past--- it's a big election year coming up, you know.

Fun stuff. This caucus stuff from Iowa is the type of thing that people who are political junkies live for. Although I must confess, I have not been following the political scene in the USA as closely as in the past. Maybe I'm simply fed up with politics. These days I'm far more interested in sports, movies, TV, and last but not least, girls.

(See my post below where I rant about movies and girls, all in one post.)


I've gotten a lot of new DVDs over Christmas and one of those I bought for myself with the gift card was the 1995 hit Species.

I think I have figured out my reaction to that silly, embarrassing movie that has been a guilty pleasure of mine for a long time. Sure, it's a ridiculous, cheesy, soft-core modern-day B movie. But it's definitely a fun movie to watch! It's like those old Roger Corman flicks that way, it's so schlocky that it's good. I liked the action and the look of the film. I especially liked the female lead and found her "I want a baby" schtick amusing. Plus, it's fun to see Marg Helgenberger in a movie, especially now that C.S.I. has typecast her for life now.

Species is just like Snakes on a Plane, it's similar cheese. You watch it, and you know it's no masterpiece, but you have a great time watching this stuff.

I looked up an old Siskel & Ebert review of the flick, just to see how these two rated the movie. And Ebert trashed the movie and gave it a big thumbs down, but Siskel said he liked it!!! He liked the special effects and especially liked the female lead. You know, after debating it back and forth, I've decided that I agree with Siskel and have to give a thumbs-up to the movie as well, and the reason why is obvious--


She's the reason this movie is any good to watch. Without her, this movie completely falls apart. She carries this flick from start to finish.
The best thing about her in the movie is --- her eyes. Those eyes look like they could belong to a space alien. They are so haunting and other-worldly in the movie, so you actually do believe this spaced-out chick is from another planet somewhere. Another big point in this flick's favor is the fact that this role displays beautiful f*cking-hot Natasha at the absolute height of her sex appeal, playing the friskiest alien ever. (It sure seems like she hardly wears anything!!!)

All I will say is-- without Natasha Henstridge, Species is just another lame Forest Whitaker movie. That's it.

Maybe my taste in movies is not so hot, but I definitely have good taste when it comes to women.


All Worldwide Pants late-night shows (Late Show, Craig Ferguson) are back next week, WITH WRITERS. The story here.

Also read that Spike Feresten is also coming back, on FOX. Who cares about him.

UPDATE: Nikki Finke's take.

Thursday, December 27, 2007


Well, the top story in the world today is that Mischa Barton was arrested.

Just kidding. Actually, Benazir Bhutto was assassinated in Pakistan and frankly, I am not at all surprised this happened. Sad, but not surprised. Pakistan is in CHAOS.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Monday, December 24, 2007


Been really enjoying going through the YouTube vaults to check out old episodes of At the Movies from the 1980s featuring Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert.

For those wondering, At the Movies was a show distributed by Tribune Entertainment during the 1980s and it was taped at the studios of WGN in Chicago. Siskel and Ebert moved over to Tribune after leaving their PBS show Sneak Previews. Then in 1986 those two bolted again to Buena Vista and a new show there known as Siskel and Ebert, taped at Chicago TV station WBBM, where Siskel worked.

But At the Movies continued on Tribune with two new guys they brought in: Rex Reed and Bill Harris. Here's an example of their efforts.

Needless to say, that show sucked compared to the fiery, passionate arguments you got from Siskel and Ebert, and it eventually faded away.

These days the Ebert and Roeper website has video of every movie review that the Buena Vista/Disney version of the show has ever had, going back to 1986 when Siskel and Ebert bolted from Tribune, right through to Richard Roeper and the guest critics. What's missing there are all the old shows they did at Tribune before the move to Disney. Those are instead popping up on YouTube for frustrated fans who want to see what their old Eighties shows were all about. I think it's well worth it for movie fans to look at their old shows on YouTube. It's a part of movie and pop culture history, and looking at the old shows again I am reminded that the Eighties were a LONG time ago. Siskel and Ebert reviewed movies about breakdancing, commented on cheesy flicks with bikini-clad girls in them like Hardbodies, and trashed lots of stuff featuring Burt Reynolds. A LOT of stuff featuring Reynolds. You have to feel sorry for these guys, having to sit through the Cannonball Run movies, Stroker Ace, and this other grade-Z crap from the era.

Some fun clips to show you:
Here's a show where, among other things, Siskel and Ebert dissect The Terminator.

Here these two go nuts over The Black Cauldron, and this clip illustrates a big reason why these two were so good on TV as movie critics. Here these two are really getting into it, arguing and dissecting -- get this-- a KIDS CARTOON! Now that is what I call passion for the movies, and they also throw a few insults at each other. Classic stuff.

Now, here's Siskel and Ebert trashing the Stinkers of 1985.

And finally, a fun episode of the show where they dissect the James Bond movies and who they thought was the best Bond, the best Bond villain, the best Bond girl, and so on.

Here they talk about the Bond girls. I tend to agree with Ebert's opinion that Ursula Andress was the best, but boy, I can't fault Siskel one bit for his enthusiasm about smoking-hot Maud Adams.

That's all for now.


Been reading Nikki Finke and she says they tried and failed to get the talks going again in the Writers Strike. Apparently these idiots in management are so entrenched in their positions that they are ordering up a ton of unscripted programming including lots of reality shows and game shows, figuring that the dimwits in middle America won't miss the writers very much if they do that.

Well, guess what. I am starting to hear complaining and bellyaching from people about how bad the TV is, so I don't see how serving up more reality shows and more game shows will be a stopgap. Basically the writers have already done all the damage they are going to do -- they shut down the late night shows, which are most dependent on them for their existence, and forced them into reruns. Those are shows that rely on making fun of current events. Having no writers is a fine way to ruin shows like that. Anyway, pretty much all these late night shows are coming back, writerless, in the new year. So these shows won't be good, but at least they are back.

Me, I am surviving the strike quite well by watching a lot of AMC and TCM, and avoiding network shows. The thing is, I haven't had a chance to watch a lot of TV the last few months. So now when I get a chance to watch a scripted show, it seems brand-new. Even if it's a freaking rerun. Plus, I happen to be a big reality-show and game-show watcher, in spite of myself. I mean, yeah, I'll watch Survivor and Amazing Race, and Gene Simmons' silly show on A&E, and the even sillier Girls Next Door, and Deal or No Deal, Power of 10, 1 vs. 100 and all this other stuff.

I also watch a lot of cable news- CNN, CNBC, you name it. And --you guessed it-- all the sports. So I'm personally in very good shape, at least as far as prime time is concerned. I guess what I'm most mad about is what's happened to the late night shows. That's a big part of my TV viewing day disrupted right there. Instead of watching those shows these days, I'm surfing the web and watching feeds from the TV networks in Russia. Russian TV has these American networks all beat right now, because AT LEAST THEY'RE NOT ON STRIKE.

For those wondering about the late night shows going back to work who want to know how Johnny Carson handled a similar situation in 1988, click here for this look back.


$4.1 million for Walk Hard?! What the hell?! I thought it would do much, much better than that. Shows you what the heck I know about movies and how they will do. This movie is a FLOP.

My rant about it here.

Saturday, December 22, 2007


In honor of Alvin, Simon and Theodore and their surprising hit movie Alvin and the Chipmunks, I thought I would post some YouTube videos of their classic songs to remind people of their old hits

First, here is their big hit The Chipmunk Song, which went to Number One on the Billboard charts in 1958.

Next, here is Witch Doctor.

And finally, the Alvin Twist.


Friday, December 21, 2007


Well. Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien are coming back with no writers, and David Letterman's plan to cut a deal with the Writers Guild to bring his whole show back has hit a snag. The story here.

Jimmy Kimmel is also back on with no writers.

The Daily Show and Stephen Colbert are also returning to the air, with no writers. Get ready for some really bad television, folks.


Don Chevrier died suddenly earlier this week and his death is a real loss for Canadian sportscasting. He was sort of the Curt Gowdy of Canadian sportscasting in a sense, in that he did all the main ones -- baseball, football, you name it. He even did the CBC Curling Classic during the Seventies. About the only sport he didn't do was hockey, oddly enough.

He was best known for doing Toronto Blue Jays games nationally alongside Tony Kubek for years on TV, and in fact called the first TV game in Blue Jays history. So this guy had a national following. Of course, he lives in Saskatchewan Roughriders infamy as the guy who called Tony Gabriel's 1976 catch to win the Grey Cup for Ottawa.

He kind of faded from the scene in the past few years -- he moved to the USA and regularly did sports for ABC Radio including the Triple Crown races. He also did curling on NBC!

Anyway it's sad and surprising news.


Just thought I would let you know that I notice the issues of MAXIM on the newsstands are rail-thin these days. The latest issue only has 120 pages, which in magazine terms amounts to anorexia. Life is bad at the men's magazine.

I notice Mischa Barton is the cover girl and this says it all right there. They are still trying to ride the coattails of all these TV babes whose shows have gotten cancelled. But nobody cares about them anymore. Last month they brought back Sarah Michelle Gellar from the crypt and everyone laughed because she's been gone for years.

Someone really ought to tell these folks in charge there at MAXIM to recruit more current babes. The archrivals at Playboy have been killing them the last two months with their pictorials featuring two current, buzz-worthy naked babes: Kim Kardashian and Adrianne Curry.

It's been a rapid decline for the lads mags in the USA -- or as I call them, the babes magazines. First FHM was put out of its misery, and then Stuff. I think MAXIM could be next. My theory is that the guys who just bought out MAXIM really wanted Blender, the other magazine that was part of the deal to buy the parent company. So I think what will happen is they will eventually kill the US edition of MAXIM, send the MAXIM subscribers over to Blender, and let the UK edition of MAXIM into the country. The UK edition is better anyway, they have hotter babes.

I guess I am mentioning this because I'm interested in the magazine business and I'm seeing this whole genre of babes magazines going down the tubes as we speak. 120 pages for the January issue of MAXIM is a sad state of affairs, folks. This rag has had it.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Yes, I know about it. Would post more of my thoughts, except I am working late tonight from home on other stuff and don't plan on getting much sleep for at least a couple of days. Will talk more about it later.

Sunday, December 16, 2007


The story here.

Like I say, I'm laughing right now in balmy Manitoba, a place where I can't get my car started. (Life in this country SUCKS.)

Saturday, December 15, 2007


Big snowstorm coming.

Send in the Army!


Been looking at the YouTube vaults again and ran across some old soft drink ads for TV.

You know, I find these beverage ads amusing. Soft drink ads are so much different from coffee ads, or beer ads. Beer ads tend to be loaded with funny stuff like talking frogs and catch-phrases ("THIS CALLS FOR a BUD LIGHT!"). And coffee ads tend to feature lots of adults being delightfully mellow, or Latin guys sitting back and extolling the virtues of their favorite coffee. Stuff like that.

But soft drink ads tend to be, well, bouncy and upbeat! They feature lots of young people at the beach, and lots of singing and dancing. You don't see this kind of stuff in beer ads or coffee ads, these choreographed numbers! At least, not very often.There are lots of pop stars associated with soft drink ads, everyone from Michael Jackson to Britney Spears. (A real cross-section of freaks when you think of it.) I know the Coca-Cola Company dipped heavily into popular music for their TV ads, and Pepsi followed suit in the 80s.

So I thought I would post some links to some interesting soft drink ads I spotted on YouTube, with an emphasis on the obscure. Believe me, there are a LOT of soft drinks out there. And here's a fun fact for guys: I think there are more babes in these soft drink ads than in these beer ads. Beer ads have a terrible reputation for being loaded with babes, but I think the soft drink ads are far worse for that. Those are just loaded with girls in bikinis, drinking this stuff on the beach. It's really funny to see this sort of thing because these drinks have a terrible reputation for being fattening. And yet these people look so good.

Anyway, here goes.

Here's the famous Pepsi Generation ad from the Sixties. This was a famous ad campaign that really put Pepsi on the map as a cola for the young generation.

Here's an ad from 1968 for RC Cola from one of my favorite recording artists Nancy Sinatra. This one ran on her Movin' with Nancy special on TV that year and I thought I would post it again, since Nancy really was a swinging chick of her era and a bonafide hottie in her own right.

Speaking of hotties: here's an ad for Canada Dry featuring Ann-Margret. This was from a TV special Annie hosted in 1968, and there was lots of wild singing and dancing in this commercial featuring this terrific woman. I've always been a huge Ann-Margret fan. But the ad itself is terrible. I'm sorry, but this jingle seemed to be written by someone high on LSD. It's just the most incoherent mess ever, and poor Ann-Margret had to try and tap her way through it. See if you don't agree with me.

Here's a classic Cindy Crawford Pepsi ad from the Nineties. It was two young kids impressed with the soft drink Cindy was drinking. I think this aired during the Super Bowl.
And here's another fun Pepsi ad with Cindy from 1994.

More stuff: here's a classic TaB ad from the Sixties- "be a Mindsticker."
And another TaB ad starring a f*cking-hot Elle Macpherson. Wow, I was blown away by the body of that lady in a bikini.

And an obscure Mello-Yello ad with lots of singing and dancing in it.
And a classic Dr. Pepper ad.
Here's a Seven-Up ad from the Seventies, which looks to me to be inspired by that trippy Canada Dry ad. The guy who produced this ad was probably on LSD, too. I'll say this though- I remember seeing this ad on TV, so it's definitely memorable and a classic. 7Up aways had great ads.

There you go. Enough about soft drinks.


Is it any wonder why fans have turned off of baseball when this is what we get? First there was the strike that wiped the World Series right out in 1994, and then we have had this decade of steroid abuse and cheating. There isn't a single home run record or pitching record we can trust now from the whole period since the 1994 strike. All because of steroids.

For those of you non-baseball fans (and believe me, your ranks are growing), statistics happen to be the lifeblood of this sport, more than for football, basketball, hockey or these others. It's a big part of baseball when some long-time record gets broken. People follow these statistics and these records as if it's religion! So this steroid abuse is really damaging to the sport, because now you can't look at any of these baseball records any more and put any faith in them.

Here's the story from in Blue Jays land. Among other things a lot of Jays got fingered in this Mitchell report that came out, including Roger Clemens (pictured).

I gotta say -- the fans are ANGRY. There is so much vitriol from fans towards these idiots in baseball right now. The people calling in these radio shows right now are just livid. The people in baseball are ruining that game for the fans for all time with their irresponsibility. But really, what do you expect? This is TYPICAL of the way baseball has operated over the last hundred years. From the Black Sox scandal to the racism that kept black players out of the game for the longest time, to the lousy treatment of players, to the free-agent era when loyalty to the fans got shredded, to the labour disruptions and now this.

We baseball fans are FOOLS for following this sport. FOOLS!!!!!

Friday, December 14, 2007


Amusing political news out of Alberta. Former NBC News foreign correspondent Arthur Kent, who has dodged bullets in Afghanistan and Iraqi scud missiles in Saudi Arabia , is going into politics. Just like his anchorman brother, Peter. Here's his web site. He's running for the PCs in Calgary!

He was nominated in the provincial riding of Calgary Currie on November 17. By the way, I know everyone thinks Alberta is Conservative bedrock, but Kent has an uphill climb because that downtown riding is held provincially by the Liberals.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Today was a big day for the press in Ottawa because Brian Mulroney showed up at a federal ethics committee inquiry to trash Karlheinz Schreiber.

I dunno why they even bother with this inquiry, it seems like a colossal waste of money. Everyone knows by now it's Schreiber who is bad news. And I really dunno why my drooling brethren in Ottawa are so gaga over Brian Mulroney. I guess this inquiry gives these folks something to do.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Noticed that a few people have been talking about The Man from U.N.C.L.E. TV show now that it's been released on DVD this week. I should check out that DVD, it was a terrific show.

Everyone is saying now, though, how cheap and cheesy it looks compared to how they remember it. They have a point. But I remember seeing this show on CBC in reruns late at night, and also on YTV, and thinking it was cheesy THEN.

Seems to me this show fit right in with Batman and the rest of these Sixties TV shows -- it was kind of tongue in cheek.

Anyway, thought I would provide some Man from U.N.C.L.E. links here and here. Also, here's the open for The Girl from U.N.C.L.E. starring Stefanie Powers.


Time for another one of my News from Nowhere blogs where I post some random news and other happenings from around the world of news, sports and entertainment.

Answer: This game show host recently had a heart attack!
Question: Who is Alex Trebek? You are CORRECT.

More proof that Jeopardy! is cursed this year: distributor Roger King is dead. First Merv Griffin dies, and now him.
Also, another link to my childhood memories of the Seventies passed away recently: Evel Knievel.
Also read that Ike Turner died, but who cares about him. Not a fan of the way he treated women.

Congratulations to my favorite America's Next Top Model winner Adrianne Curry for her terrific Playboy pictorial. I like Adrianne because she loves to open her mouth and speak her mind, and also because she's incredibly gorgeous. I can see why Chris Knight of The Brady Bunch fell for this crazy chick (both pictured). Also, she once trashed Tyra Banks and trashed the America's Next Top Model show in print, so I find that amusing.

And while on the subject of married women-- read a blurb that Victoria Beckham likes to sleep in the nude. (The things these newspapers will print these days...)

TV-- noticed ABC has pulled Big Shots, and I have no idea why they would do a darn fool thing like that in the middle of a strike. I guess people prefer reruns to new episodes of that lousy show.

And that's all for now.

Monday, December 10, 2007


I thought I would update this blog to give you a post about that Greek goddess Nicole Petallides of Fox Business News. Here's an article about this gorgeous babe, who I discovered for the first time when she was anchoring the news over on Bloomberg. I've had a crush on her ever since. She's actually worked pretty much everywhere in business TV. Among her many jobs was a gig working for Maria Bartiromo at CNBC.

Now she spends her time getting up at 2 AM to go to work. And you wonder why more guys don't go into TV news? THAT'S why. Morning TV is BRUTAL.

(I once had a TV internship where I had to get up at 2AM-- I kid you not. Not a fun sight to see me stagger around at that hour. Late nights I can handle, but early mornings?!)

Nicole also drinks lots of Diet Cokes and other totally unhealthy food to perk herself up at that hour. How she is able to drink that stuff at 2 AM is beyond me. I'd never drink that garbage that early in the morning--- I'd throw up. I only touch the soft drinks later in the day.

Fun fact for guys: she was a total jock in college.

Reading about Nicole Petallides is fun --- it makes me want to go into business news. Wait a minute -- technically, I am doing business news right now. Okay, never mind.


In other news, Conrad Black was sentenced to six and a half years in prison today.


Just wanted to post this handy link to let you know how the big strike is affecting all your favorite TV shows.

As you can tell, it's starting to take a lot of shows down for the count. In a few weeks we're going to have nothing but reruns from the scripted shows, and we'll be left with plenty of reality and game show junk on the air.

Also, looks to me like FOX won't be so hard hit because they don't have any late night comedians during the week like these other places. And most of their prime time lineup is reality garbage and game shows.

Sunday, December 09, 2007


Went over to Nikki Finke's website the other day to get my usual Writers Strike news and found out that The Golden Compass was a flop this weekend.

My own thoughts about it here.


Been going through the TV vaults of YouTube again to try and find some more long-lost TV shows. I gotta say, people out there on the picket lines striking should really take a look at YouTube. They'll get some really good ideas on what not to do on TV.

It sure looks like the Sixties were a great time for outlandish, stupid ideas on television. We got genies, Martians, creepy neighbors, families with monsters, witches, and all kinds of crazy stuff including girls bathing in water towers in Hooterville. Think about it -- health issues for the residents of Hooterville, all due to these three Petticoat Junction babes bathing in the water!

Well, there were a lot of shows on the air that not many people know about, but which fit right in with the silliness already on TV.


Take My Mother the Car for example. It's about this woman who gets reincarnated as a car. Sound stupid? You bet. In fact it's one of the worst shows in TV history, and Jerry Van Dyke (pictured) was in it.

And to show you that Jerry Van Dyke just cannot win, here's a clip from another forgotten flop show, Accidental Family. Eventually he got a steady gig, on Coach.

Also, his famous brother Dick Van Dyke had a long-forgotten show in the Seventies , IN COLOR, with Hope Lange starring as his wife. I guess Laura filed for divorce.


Remember the show Occasional Wife? Me neither. This show ran one season in 1966 before it got the boot. It starred Michael Callan and Patricia Harty as a pretend-married couple. The whole premise is that this poor dude must pretend to be married in order to have a chance at getting promoted by his boss. So he enlists his friend to be his pretend wife. The whole concept on the show seems laughable today. Any employer who wanted to try a stunt like that would definitely get sued. It probably would have been decent as a movie of the era, but as a series? Dunno.

Patricia Harty was also in the show Blondie, another series that looks utterly lame.

If you don't think that's laughable enough, try Paul Lynde trying to pass himself off as a family man on the Paul Lynde Show. Here's a promo of that one which ran in 1972 that also has a preview of Temperatures Rising.

Here's the show It's About Time, which looks to me like a time machine version of Gilligan's Island. It's even produced by the same guy who brought you Gilligan.

Speaking of Gilligan's Island, here's the Skipper playing Casey Jones.

Promo stuff from 1966 as ABC promoted its Thursday lineup of Bewitched, Love on a Rooftop and That Girl.

Less funny stuff now: Here's a clip from the Julie Newmar series
My Living Doll. And the opening from Honey West.

And a clip from the rather unfortunately-named TV show Naked City.

Anyone who wants to know about who the Dean Martin Show's Golddiggers were can check out this clip here. Man, could they sing.
And finally from the Seventies, the Glen A. Larson TV series Sword of Justice.

That's all for now.

Saturday, December 08, 2007


Well, the producers issued an ultimatum and then walked away from the negotiating table in this writers strike.

This is getting ridiculous. Television in the United States, not to mention Canada, is being ruined by this freaking strike. I know everyone in Canada keeps on crowing about how this is great for the industry up here and all that, but that means nothing if the shows you prefer are American.

By the way, the movies are good on TV tonight: Blazing Saddles, Casablanca, Animal House. Who cares about Saturday Night Live when that's the lineup on AMC and TCM.

Thursday, December 06, 2007


You know, it's funny. You look at Entertainment Tonight and sites like that, and you wouldn't think that all of Hollywood is shut down and paralyzed right now. You think instead that it's life as usual, with celebrities getting in trouble and even going to jail! Kiefer Sutherland and Gary Collins are just the latest DUI jailbirds.

And then you look at Nikki Finke's site and the ones like it, and you get a fresh dose of the reality of the business. You get real entertainment industry news--- not this stars-gone-wild nonsense. It's refreshing. But it's perhaps even more depressing, because this strike is killing your favorite shows and making the networks duck soup for a reality-show takeover by January.

So far, no real news to report on the strike front. Just haggling. That's what's happening in Hollywood right now: nothing.

I kind of believe the motivation to settle this thing still isn't there from people yet. I suspect what will happen is that these folks will settle this thing at the exact moment when they have to settle it-- when American Idol starts. Because if they don't settle this thing by then, FOX will just put Idol up against reruns on the other channels and they will just kill everyone.

Another drop-dead date is when the Oscar telecasts go live and you know these folks don't want to scuttle THAT with a strike! It would be bad for business. So I think this thing will get settled by the time of the Oscar cast, at least.

Maybe the optimistic predictions of a December settlement will still come true.

But who knows. Maybe these networks don't care, and maybe they really will kill all the scripted shows and load up the airwaves with reality shows and game shows. Not that that's such a bad idea if we get Deal or No Deal five nights a week, but still...


BY THE WAY, GUYS, get ready for a fun edition of Deal or No Deal on Friday. The suitcase models are going to be wearing bikinis on that night's show!! Howie Mandel is a lucky guy.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Don Imus has been back on the air now for three days at his new radio home of 770 WABC, and I take it he has been groveling and begging for more forgiveness the last few days on the radio.

Actually, I'm kind of bored with the whole Imus-insulting-the-Rutgers-womens-basketball-team story. So, the guy put his foot in it . Okay, he's a fool. We GET IT. We don't need to keep on being reminded of it; the guy needs to get on with his life. Personally, I hope he's cleaned up his act. Then maybe his show can be taken seriously again by people. This show will be a FLOP if he can't get decent politicians or media personalities to appear on it like he did on his old show at WFAN. That's it.


Noticed that once again the late Blue Jays broadcaster Tom Cheek was placed on the ballot for the Ford Frick Award and a spot at Baseball's Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.

He'll be competing with nine other guys and quite frankly, isn't it time he got in? How many times do they have to put him on the ballot before he gets in? This is the fourth year in a row now, and this should do it, finally, I hope. Unless they give it to Seattle's Dave Niehaus, who also keeps on getting on the ballot.

By the way there are THREE baseball announcers with Canadian connections on the ballot. Tony Kubek did the color for the Blue Jays games throughout the 1980s and Dave Van Horne did the Expos games for the longest time.


Sorry that I haven't been at this blog more often in recent days. In part, it's because I have been awfully busy the last few days. But also it's because I have no news, really. I was in Brandon last week for a big municipalities convention (interesting stuff). This week I have been (a) doing Christmas shopping in Winnipeg, (b) been plowing away at my mainstream media duties, and (c) been shivering to death. I gotta say, this place is COLD.

How the heck do people here put up with this weather?! Beats me. I don't know why more people here don't simply get fed up and leave for warmer temperatures. Maybe it's because the cost of living is low and life is good. (That's what all the Ontario expatriates here like to say). Or maybe it's because this awful cold weather here is better than having to put up with mudslides in British Columbia.

I have no news, really. Still, I should tend to the blog more often. You know, having a blog is like having a cat -- you need to feed it a lot.

Monday, December 03, 2007


I guess I am posting this to feel less bad about living on the prairie.

By the way, is there a colder province in Canada than Manitoba?! I doubt it. Even Saskatchewan's warmer.

Sunday, December 02, 2007


Regular followers of the blog know that I am interested in any cast news about my favorite DC superhero Wonder Woman.

Well, what do you expect me to say, that I prefer Superman or Batman? Or Robin??! How about Aquaman? Yecch. Actually, I really prefer the Marvel superheroes, especially Spider-Man. But I gotta say I kind of have a big cartoon crush on Wonder Woman, ever since seeing that TV show as a kid. She's beautiful, plus she's got great superpowers. I definitely want my girlfriend to be Wonder Woman.

Well, the latest hot rumor for the Justice League of America flick that's coming out is that the WW role in that movie is going to go to hot Australian supermodel Megan Gale. Lucky girl.

I'll believe it when I see it, though. (They said the role was going to Jessica Biel a few weeks ago.) I think this is interesting, if true. This would be a move towards putting a hot, sexy actress in the Wonder Woman role -- just like they put a scorching-hot Eva Green into that James Bond movie a year ago. Megan Gale is definitely going to ante up the sex factor for the guys if she's in this movie. Incidentally, there are plenty of NSFW photos of this woman on the Internet, thanks in large part to a shoot she did for the Italian publication Max some years ago. Those lucky Italians, eh? They have all the fun.

If Megan Gale really did get the role then I think it's a good choice, because she's gorgeous! Megan really does look like someone who could be Wonder Woman. We'll see.