Sunday, September 30, 2007


The Game Plan, starring the Rock, finished first at the box office beating out The Kingdom. That's a bit of a surprise, everyone thought that Rock movie looked lame. But there it is. Read it here.


Just wasting a day linking up to some more TV shows popping up on Youtube.

Hee's the open to the Bill Cosby Show. I'm talking about the original one that aired from 1969 to 1971, not the more famous version.

Here's The Flip Wilson Show from the early 70s.

I remember seeing this show on TV, back in the old days when they had plenty of variety shows on TV. Now instead of variety shows we have all this reality show junk. Makes no sense. Anyway, here's a look at a show that featured Bobby Darin. This must have been from the big TVLand marathon tribute to the show that apparently ran. (I never saw it because I don't get TVLand here in frozen Canada.)

Here's Robert Wagner and Eddie Albert in the opening credits for another show I remember from the Seventies. Switch.
I read on the Internet that the hot woman wearing the bikini in the opening credits was none other than famous movie actress Anne Archer.

Here's the open from one of the worst TV shows of all time, Hello Larry! starring McLean Stevenson.

And finally from TV, the credits for Good Times.

Also, here's the opening credits for an old spy movie Deadlier than the Male, a movie that had lots of bikini-clad women in it apparently -- Elke Sommer, Sylva Koscina, people like that.

Uh, that's all for now.


AND it's weird to have hockey in September. I don't care how much Canadians love this sport, it's just plain dumb to have this sport playing when it's warm out.

It's even dumber to play it in London, England where no one cares about hockey, but that's where they played it. I guess there are a lot of ex-pats there who are starved for hockey.

Also, today is the end of the baseball regular season. Rats.

Saturday, September 29, 2007


Well, the CRTC finally put the rubber stamp on the deal to take over Citytv. As part of the deal the CRTC has told Rogers to dump their OMNI religious stations in Winnipeg and Vancouver, but Rogers had announced that they were selling off those stations a long time ago.

It's funny because Rogers is in the middle of buying Channel M out of Vancouver, which has the multicultural license there. Now, multicultural stations have an exemption in the whole grand scheme of things, so companies like Rogers can purchase them and keep their other stations in the market.

About the OMNI stations that Rogers is dumping on the street: I notice they are much different from those Toronto stations they have. The Toronto stations are totally multicultural, but I notice that the OMNI station from Winnipeg that I get these days is loaded with religious programming aimed at south Asians. It's nothing like those two cool Toronto OMNI stations at all. In fact, it's pretty brutal programming, which is probably why Rogers is planning to dump it. (That station doesn't show Dave Letterman, either.)

Come to think of it, the Citytv station in Winnipeg is just as bad. Instead of showing Italian shows like CHIN TV on weekends or those "Baby Blue Movies" late at night, they run a bunch of religious programs and American late-night talk shows --- and other crap. Mind you, the Baby Blue Movies were crap, too -- this cheap erotica. But the religious shows are worse. Anyway, Rogers has taken Citytv over now, finally, so maybe they'll get rid of all this junk.

The two OMNI stations that are being dumped will probably wind up in the hands of CTS or somebody like that -- CTS has the religious license in Ontario and are setting up some stations in Alberta, so I think those guys will be interested.

I also have no comment about the new E! network in Canada because I don't live in an area where I get the station, and I have no clue what is going to happen to A-Channel. I read somewhere CTV is going to change the name of these stations to "Much." Which sounds stupid, but really, no more stupid than what everyone else in Canada is doing to these TV stations these days.


Speak of the devil, I just found out Dan Patrick is back on the radio with a syndicated show out of LA, with KLAC 570 picking the show up in LA.

Uh, that's about it.

Friday, September 28, 2007


Thought I would fill you in with my continuing coverage of the sorry state of men's magazines.

As everyone knows by now, FHM closed its USA edition early this year. Then the folks over at Dennis Publishing sold off MAXIM, BLENDER and STUFF, and now the S has hit the fan. Stuff has now closed for good. They are moving that rag into MAXIM as an inset in that magazine. So that's that for Stuff.

The last issue of Stuff has Laura Vandervoort, who plays Supergirl on Smallville. Meanwhile, MAXIM has an issue out featuring Erica Durance, who is also on, get this, Smallville. I guess the women on the other TV shows weren't interested.

Granted, I will say MAXIM is getting better these days, though they still don't show models naked like their international editions do, in places like the UK. (Gutless, spineless Americans-- can't handle the sight of a gorgeous female. Cowards.)

I notice that MAXIM has something this month about The Heartbreak Kid movie coming out, and showed a hot photo of beautiful Swedish-Canadian actress Malin Akerman (right) in a hot swimsuit. This woman was in the famous "threesome" episode of Entourage and was in Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle as well. Check out her acting credits.

Now here's the question I have. Why isn't this gorgeous babe in Playboy?! This woman is definitely not bashful about nudity; she's been naked a number of times, and apparently she's also got a big sex scene in The Heartbreak Kid. She'd be great for Playboy, but those losers at the Mansion would rather have Kim Kardashian.

That's right, this December the cover girl for Playboy will be Kim Kardashian who apparently has a new E! show out. Just like those three Girls Next Door babes have a show on E!, too. Apparently, this is going to be a very tame pictorial, but not too tame because Kim apparently showed off a lot more than the guys at Playboy expected (ie.: her butt). So just because she is showing her butt, they are giving this chick the cover!

When the heck are these guys going to go back to going after real sex symbols and people like that? You know, like the classy ones they had in the Eighties -- people on the scale of Bo Derek, Tanya Roberts and Kim Basinger?! These B-list scandal-babes and reality-show stars are really getting to be a bit much. They had the right idea at Playboy recently when they ran spreads with Amanda Beard and Tricia Helfer, not to mention Cindy Margolis. But who cares about Kim Kardashian, a celebrity just because she is a celebrity.

That's it! Needless to say I'm in an angry mood, what with my favorite magazines all going to heck and closing down, and all that. Means fewer jobs for guys in journalism. (Ha!)

UPDATE: Latest news from Playboy is that they are looking at a January issue featuring Denise Richards and Pam Anderson. Together. As if we haven't seen these two enough times already. Yawn. Booooring.

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Well, I have already declared my love for the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, and for Miss Universe winners. Now it's time for this blog to blow a big kiss in the direction of those famous pinup models the Playmates.

I gotta say, I love the Playmates, they are all babes! The reason I'm interested in the Playmates is because a lot of these women have gone on from their lowly Playboy posing gig to fame and fortune elsewhere. Now, granted, some of them have met some pretty gruesome ends, too (Dorothy Stratten, Anna Nicole Smith, et al.) but several of them have become rich and famous. We can then look back and say we remember her when she was a centerfold, and look at her now.

Of the most recent ones I'd say I like Pam Anderson and Jenny McCarthy about equally. They are both pop-culture icons for widely different reasons. Pam is known for babing it up and hanging with rock stars.

Jenny, on the other hand, is a total goofball. It's no surprise to me that Jenny found love with Jim Carrey of all people, because those two are made for each other. I must say, I really like Jenny McCarthy, left. Not only is she smoking hot, she's funny.

I'm also enchanted by Victoria Silvstedt (sexy Swede), Kelly Monaco (sexy Dancing with the Stars champ), and Brande Roderick. Especially Brande (see right).

I remember seeing Brande on TV a year and a half ago when they were doing that Game Show Marathon thing on CBS in prime time. They had Ricki Lake hosting and they showed these classic game shows in prime time, and they had all these celebrity contestants on it. And Brande was on there and I was pulling for her to win, because I just found this woman to be so adorable.

I gotta say, when I see Brande Roderick in the movies or on TV my heart just melts. This woman is gorgeous, and just looks and acts like the girl next door. And she seems so sweet. I want my girlfriend to be like Brande Roderick.

(Then again, there are also days I want my girlfriend to be Lisa Dergan, left. I tend to lust after different Playmates given different days of the week. Anyway I might as well lust after Lisa, because Brande is married now. Rats. )

There are still a few other Playmates I like. I like Shannon Tweed because she used to live in Saskatoon. I also like a lot of the playmates for that reason, too, because they're Canadians. I particularly like Krista Kelly, one of the very few Playmates I have met personally.

There are also some classic-era Playmates I like. Particularly Angela Dorian.
Remember her? She was Playmate of the Year in 1968. She then went on to star in movies using her real name Victoria Vetri. She starred in B-movie stuff like her most famous role in When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth. She got rid of the brunette hair and went blonde for that. Personally, I love brunettes and think brunette women are just gorgeous. I saw this woman's Playboy photos from 1968 and she is a knockout! I dunno why she used a pseudonym for her Playboy photo shoot. Maybe she was too shy to use her real name.

Anyway, I just thought I would just write a blurb declaring my love for the Playmates, too. I didn't want these beautiful ladies to feel left out, what with me showering attention on all these cheerleaders and beauty pageant winners in recent days. Why should these babes get all the attention? I think these Playboy women rock.


Read an interesting article about Dan Patrick, who left ESPN recently and is now a free agent.

Some speculation that Patrick may decide to ditch sports entirely and go the Keith Olbermann route. Olbermann sort of showed all sportscasters what options are available when you hit 40 and get fed up covering these rich ballplayers for a living. Standing in locker rooms interviewing guys gets old after a while. Anyway, this article speculates about Patrick going the Larry King route or doing something like that, and making sports coverage more of a hobby on the side.

Me, I'd love to get back to doing sports full time again, though covering the news is fine by me. Getting the opportunity to actually do sports has been the bugaboo, though. There are just not that many good sports jobs available, especially in Canada. The pay is bad, too. If I can't make some good money at it, what's the point of doing sports?!

And working the weekend sucks, too, especially if you want to just stay home and watch football games all day. Another reason for guys like Dan Patrick to quit sports.


First show to be a casualty of the new TV season is Nashville. Put on hiatus, not officially cancelled, but still, it was bleeding badly.

It may take a while before we see a show actually get pulled off the air completely and banished to the Internet in exile. That whole looming strike situation obviously a factor there.

Also, is it just me or is TV running out of ideas? They brought back The Bionic Woman, and they have Cavemen which is a ripoff of TV ads. Then there is Dirty Sexy Money, which just seems like an attempt to resurrect Dynasty and those soap shows from the Eighties that all had rich people on them. And this Private Practice thing is a spinoff of a TV show, and The Sarah Connor Chronicles are a spinoff from The Terminator! They even brought Kelsey Grammer and Patricia Heaton back from the grave. Like I say, I am not impressed.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I thought I would give equal time to some of the other cool cheerleaders out there in the NFL. SO without further ado, here are the gorgeous women of the Houston Texans. Dig those ladies.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Oh, to heck with that, I want to talk about girls.

THIS BLOG IS TURNING INTO AN IMITATION OF MAXIM MAGAZINE. You know, I am really getting to be quite girl-obsessed on this blog - what with my posts about Erin Burnett, Erin Esurance, basically anyone named Erin. I've also posted on Sienna Miller, and been posting photos of cheerleaders and drooling over women who are posing for Playboy (ie. former Miss Universe Alicia Machado).

Basically, I go crazy over these Playboy babes (esp. the Playmates), the Dallas cheerleaders and the Miss Universe winners. That's who I go crazy for the most. I just think there's something magical about a woman who is a Miss Universe or a beauty pageant winner. I also think there's also something really special about a woman who wears a pro-cheerleader outfit on the sidelines, kicking it up in those boots. Those uniforms the cheerleaders wear are sooooo cute.

Like I say, I need to look into these speed-dating things or something like that, just to get my mind off of women.

Some news about the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders to pass along. Apparently they aren't just putting out a swimsuit calendar like they always do for 2008. Now they are planning a calendar where you get to see these women on the sidelines in their famous cheerleader uniforms. I think this is great news. These women are much sexier in their uniforms than in any swimsuit.

Anyway, for my amusement I've decided to post some more pictures of those hot, bare-midriffed Texans from Dallas.

I wonder if any of these Dallas cheerleaders are named Erin. Wouldn't surprise me.

(That does it, I have to put a stop to this. No more girls on this blog.)


Read a blurb today that Stephen Harper's gang have been told to get ready for an election shortly after the Throne Speech. Looks like they don't have much confidence that their throne speech will get any support in the Commons. Apparently they are already booking the buses that are carrying John Tory around for a federal vote.

You have the Bloc that has these five ridiculous conditions they want, and then the NDP wants Canada out of Afghanistan immediately. That leaves the Liberals to prop up the government. All I will say about that is: fat chance.

Needless to say, I'm kind of ticked, I don't want an election, but I think it's more and more likely to happen now. We'll see. Maybe the Liberals will chicken out.

Monday, September 24, 2007


The new 2007-08 TV season officially begins tonight with a number of season and series premieres and since I am too lazy to write about it myself, here's a link to what Aaron Barnhart has to say about it. Mind you, a number of new series are already on, but this is really the official first week of the new season. Fun times for TV fans.

The bad news, though, is that Dancing With the Stars and The Bachelor are also back. But CSI: Miami is back, too, so I guess that's good.

Unfortunately, I miss it all tonight to attend a city council meeting. Such is life.


I love reporting on that wild and crazy Sienna Miller, she makes Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan look tame in comparison. In fact it's amazing what Sienna is able to get away with. The latest thing she's into: on-screen lesbianism.

She was bragging in print again about a bath scene she has with gorgeous Keira Knightley in the movie The Edge of Love. Apparently there were rumors of a big threesome scene, too, involving these two women, but apparently that's a pack of lies designed to hype the movie up.

Actually, from what I hear more guys are interested in drooling over Keira Knightley than they are in Sienna Miller. Miller just cannot win, it seems. She's also upset because naked pictures of her from some other movie got leaked onto the Internet. I have no idea why: she's been naked everywhere else!

Speaking of Britney Spears, she got busted for a hit and run on the weekend and could end up going to jail like everyone else in Hollywood. Let's see- that's Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie already thrown in and out of jail, and Lindsay Lohan should be going to jail, too.

Anyway, enough about these babes and enough about Sienna Miller.

Sunday, September 23, 2007


I haven't posted much yet on the new FOX multi-camera sitcom BACK TO YOU. But here's a piece by Ken Levine about it and about how it might revive the sitcom, and how all the great sitcoms in history were multi-camera with a laugh track. He's right!

I sure hope the sitcoms come back. We could all use a good laugh these days.


Noticed some more names added to Fox Business Network which is due up in October. Peter Barnes is coming aboard -- he used to be at CNBC ages ago. Also, a lady by the name of Nicole Petallides is hopping over from Bloomberg, but she used to work at CNBC, too, at one point. In fact, she worked for Maria Bartiromo. Jenna Lee and Cody Willard are also on board.

Also, radio host Dave Ramsey has been hired to try and do the Suze Orman thing from what I gather.

In the meantime, everyone keeps on talking about whether Fox will go after Maria Bartiromo or Erin Burnett, because of their supposed rivalry and so on. I think people need to calm down. Apparently Maria is under contract through to 2008.

As for Erin, she is quite popular with the guys on Wall Street. Here is a piece Howard Kurtz wrote up about her.

Actually, the real reason I put up this post is because I wanted to put up A picture of gorgeous hottie Erin Burnett for my own amusement. Here she is.


Well, I finally got to go to a movie on Friday night. Unfortunately it was Good Luck Chuck. Terrible.

I dunno how many people were at the theater -- must have been about twenty people. Anyway, that was a real comedown from the full house that was there for The Simpsons Movie when it opened, which tells you all you need to know right there.

Actually, it's pretty funny, but there was a scene in the movie where a hot blonde (Chelan Simmons) took off her top on the beach and showed her breasts for all the world to see on the silver screen. And one of the guys in there was in a state of shock at seeing this and he walked out of the movie! I live in a pretty religious area these days here in Manitoba, so you get this sort of thing happening. But I found it to be really hilarious.

Maybe he didn't walk out for that reason, maybe he just went out to buy some popcorn or Milk Duds or something, and then came back in. But it was still kind of funny.

I don't know what it is about September that makes it a lousy time at the theaters. You would think the box office would be better. But September is widely regarded as a throwaway month in the movie industry -- the time of year to bury your worst movies and flicks that are not expected to sell any tickets. You sort of throw these horror movies and these "art" flicks into theaters in September and hope they grab an audience, but you really don't expect them to do very well and usually they don't. It's too bad, but that's September for you. These days the top grossers aren't likely to make more than 24 or 25 million dollars. This week's box office champ, Resident Evil: Extinction, only made $24 million. And it's because it was released in September.

September just seems to be a big month for other forms of entertainment. For instance, it's a big month for TV because all the networks roll out their season premieres. Tonight was the season premiere for The Simpsons, and Shark, and a host of other shows. Tomorrow is the start of a big week of season premieres and new shows --- all week in fact. Last week they rolled out K-Ville, Kid Nation, Back to You and a host of shows, all of which did well enough to avoid the axe, for now.

The joke about Back to You, which stars Kelsey Grammer and Patricia Heaton as TV co-anchors, is that the cast is old and the audience is going to be old, too. But I sure hope that show does well, for no other reason than because I want to see sitcoms come back on TV. There aren't enough sitcoms on the air as it is, and too many reality shows and game shows in prime time.

Whether they will make any more sitcoms remains to be seen. Whether they make any more TV shows or movies, period, is a big question because the whole movie industry is all set to be shut down by a strike-- several of them, actually.

The Writers Guild of America- West is set to walk off the job in October, and everyone has been talking about this for months. And apparently a couple of other unions are set to walk out, too. The studios have stockpiled all of these movies and TV shows for months, hoping to ride out the big walkout. But if this thing goes for too long we could be in for a really lousy 2008 in terms of the movies and TV shows we see.

Also, I think we could see a lot of these TV shows being put on hiatus this year instead of being cancelled outright --- because they'll have to bring them back from the vault because of the strike. That is something I never factored into my "death pool" predictions but I think it makes sense to consider it.

Since summer is officially over as of today, here's a link to a story that ran in the Herald-Tribune ages ago, wrapping up how the summer went for everyone and all that. And also previewing the big strike. Not fun times in Hollywood.

Saturday, September 22, 2007


We interrupt our regular coverage of TV, movies, sports, and girls to tell you about what a big week in politics it was.

On Monday there were the three big byelections in Quebec with everyone winning except for the Liberals. The Liberals were completely shut out, so that raises red flags all over for Stephane Dion.

Now on the heels of the results we hear Gilles Duceppe making noises about pulling the plug on the government after the October 16 throne speech. And that will mean an election. Say what?! I personally do not want another election, I think these guys in Ottawa should make the thing work. But Gilles insists on being completely out to lunch.

Also, there was the big leaders debate in Ontario and from the sounds of it Premier Dalton McGuinty was running scared and on the defensive from John Tory and Howard Hampton all night. So what else is new. I gotta say, McGuinty really is the worst debater ever. But will it mean a darn thing in red Ontario?!

Seems like a lot of people are up at arms over John Tory's proposal to extend funding to these private religious schools. These secular types in the Liberal and NDP parties are going on saying how wrong it is and how it's shades of Stockwell Day, and how creationism is going to be shoved down kids' throats, and on and on. All this nonsense from reporters, as usual.

What's sad is that instead of real debate we are getting name-calling and hysteria. And here's what really is sad to me: on this issue John Tory happens to be absolutely right. Full funding has to be extended everywhere, it's the only fair thing to do. There are a lot of ethnic groups in Ontario looking for faith-based education, and many of them are Jewish, Muslim or Chinese. A lot of these people put their kids in these private schools because they feel public schools have let them down or don't serve their needs. These folks need a viable option for their kids; shoving the public system down their throats won't do. I'm glad people support the public system in Ontario and want to keep it strong, but give people a choice. I've also met people in Ontario who run private schools and they'll give kids a good education, as long as these schools get funded and live up to the same standards everyone else lives up to. No one is suggesting they'll get creationism shoved down their throats or any of that baloney.

I think I will weigh in some more on the Ontario vote and give an official CAIRNS BLOG editorial endorsement --- which I am sure will surprise nobody --- soon.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Welcome to another year of the TV Death Pool at THE CAIRNS BLOG as we try and predict which TV shows will be cancelled first.

Already I gotta say I am less than enthused about the new fall season. Part of the reason is because I am a busy man these days with a lot more going on than simply watching TV. It's funny, but my TV-watching usually takes place these days on weekends --- WHEN THERE'S NOTHING ON!!! So I miss out on the whole Monday to Thursday TV battleground. And I couldn't be bothered to tape the shows or TiVo them or do the DVR thing, because I'm too tired to watch!

Anyway, I was looking at the TV Squad website and a few other places, and it seems there are three early contenders to be the first off the air, and those three seem to be Nashville, K-Ville, and that all-time non-favorite, Cavemen. There are other shows that are really controversial such as Kid Nation, which I suspect is going to get a big audience and stay on the air for at least a few weeks before people move to get rid of that piece of junk. Then there are a few other shows that look really lame, and in fact it's shaping up to be a lame season. But I'll ignore those for now and zero in on these three I just mentioned, starting with K-Ville.

The problem for K-Ville, a cop show about New Orleans, is that it's in a terrible Monday time slot where it is certain to get killed by Heroes from what I gather. Plus, it's on FOX. FOX has this reputation for absolutely being the worst network for cancelling shows. They are notorious for being trigger happy and for pulling shows off the air before they even complete their first-season story arcs! The sad thing about FOX is that they try to put quality shows on the air, quality dramas. But then the viewers spurn them, so they have to put on the lame reality shows to replace them! Sad.

The other FOX show in even deeper trouble is Nashville, and I have no idea what this show is about. I assume it's about Nashville- that's my guess. And that tells you all you need to know right there, because this show has no buzz whatsoever. I mean, I've heard of K-Ville, I've heard of New Amsterdam, I've heard of Big Shots, I've even heard of that Sam show that keeps on changing its name that stars Christina Applegate. I also know Angie Harmon has a show. But I know nothing about this piece of dreck Nashville, which really says it all right there.

Plus it got beat in its time slot last Friday by WWE Smackdown and other lame shows from what I gather. In fact, it finished dead last in its time slot on a night of reruns! Nashville is not long for the FOX network, folks.

Then you have Cavemen on ABC, which is the worst excuse for a show you could ever imagine - a show based on television commercials. Now this is bad. You know, in the old days it used to be Saturday morning cartoon shows that used to be based on TV commercials. You had He-Man, you had My Little Pony! You had all of these shows. Well, guess what. Now we are getting prime time shows featuring characters from insurance ads. Granted, I like the ads from Geico, they're among the best ads on TV and make watching commercial breaks a pure joy in the USA. This Caveman show, though, looks like a bad one-joke premise.

But who knows? It could surprise people and be a hit among those dumbbells in middle America who count for the ratings.

If it is a hit, you know what this means folks. It'll mean more shows starring characters from insurance ads on TV.

If Cavemen hits it big, you can bet FOX will jump on the insurance-industry bandwagon and put a new animated show on its Saturday night lineup - a spy/comedy series starring the dashing, sexy, and extremely popular-with-guys cartoon character Erin Esurance.

She's a TV show waiting to happen, folks, and probably a better idea for a show that those two prehistoric dudes. Erin, you go, girl!

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Noticed that Fox Business Network named an on-air team for its big launch this October. David Asman, Rebecca Gomez, Cheryl Casone, all kinds of people. Also word on the street is they are going after Ted David, reduced to radio duty at CNBC, and that Liz Claman is a done deal.

I'm now reading that people are trashing the new venture and saying the whole thing is doomed unless Rupert and Roger and the gang are able to get themselves a Money Honey, a BABE. You know what I'm talking about: Maria Bartiromo, Erin Burnett, that sort of person.

Talk about shallow!! People are saying FBN needs babes?! What about credibility? I think it's more important to have credible people on your network. Who cares whether they are babes or not. I noticed they got Stuart Varney on there, which is good. Shows that's what they want over there, credibility, and in the long run that's what will matter on Wall Street. Not this shallow "money honey" business.

Besides, they already have their own Money Honey in place over there. Her name is Alexis Glick, and she's gorgeous!!!

Take that, Maria, Erin, Becky, Trish, Melissa, and all the rest of you CNBC babes.


Sopranos wins Best Drama, and I dunno why because that ending was TERRIBLE.

And all kinds of upsets tonight as Sally Field wins, and Ricky Gervais beats everyone, and Ugly Betty lost to 30 Rock. Best Actor in a drama goes to James... Spader.

Britney Spears never showed up. Good.


Jaime Pressly of My Name is Earl wins an Emmy!!!
(!) (?)

Also, Conan O'Brien wins an Emmy for his show. For writing. (?????!!)
So far, lots of upsets - and no sign of Britney Spears.

Click here for the latest.


And here's a preview of what to expect. Also, this is kind of a surprise to me but Survivor got snubbed completely in the Reality category. Interesting they got the snub, because the rest of the reality nominees aren't so great either. If American Idol wins in this category I will throw up.

For red carpet live streaming go to Yes, I said Fox News. Deal with it, liberals.



Woo hoo! We are about to get another O.J. Simpson trial it seems, as he's been arrested for armed robbery in connection to sports memorabilia in Vegas.

Unbelievable, or maybe it's believable, because that Simpson guy can never stay out of trouble. Anyway, more coming on this strange story.


And all I will say about the Toronto film fest being over is Thank God, because I was getting kind of tired of seeing Lainey and especially Tanya Kim on these eTalk segments with their "smut reports," drooling over fashions and especially "hot guys" in their video updates.

I mean really, get a grip. If you saw guys drooling over "hot babes" all the time on TV, you'd think these guys would need to get a grip, too! This is supposed to be a film festival, serious business!! It's make or break for these movies, and many of them were about serious topics! Yet we got film festival reports consisting of the party beat and hot guy alerts!!

Anyway, it's too bad it's over and that I wasn't there at the festival to drool over hot girls. (In previous years I would drool over Penelope Cruz, Maria Menounos and Diane Kruger.)

In fact, I'm not there for a lot of stuff going on in Toronto at the moment, such as the Ontario vote. And it ticks me off bigtime. I keep on telling myself that I'm doing much better financially, career-wise, bla bla bla, where I am now. But money can't buy happiness as I am finding out right now.

To be honest I didn't miss the Film Festival much this year. Maybe it's because I'm not as interested in hot guys as Tanya Kim is. Girl, get a grip.

Oh, and the Emmys are tonight.

Saturday, September 15, 2007



It's another big sports weekend everywhere and the question now on everyone's mind is what the F is going on with all this cheating?!?

It was bad enough that we had all the steroid nonsense going on in baseball. But then again, the fans have kind of given up on baseball players or owners acting ethically or doing anything right. Then you had this nonsense in NBA basketball, with that referee betting on games he worked on! Talk about a blow to the credibility of THAT sport!

Everyone of course used these scandals as an excuse to say how great the NFL is, and how it has its act together, bla bla bla. Right. First there was this Michael Vick dog-fighting nonsense. Now we have Spygate!

This week, the NFL lowered the boom on the New England Patriots and head coach Bill Belichick for listening in on the play-calling of the OTHER TEAM. And stealing their signals! Belichick got caught, and he's been fined half a million dollars!!! And the team has had draft picks taken away from them.

It almost makes you want to give up on team sports altogether and follow auto racing, doesn't it? Well, forget that sport, too. This week McLaren got the book thrown at them because one of their guys, chief designer Mike Coughlan, took confidential technical information for Ferrari home with him!! Uh oh. Coughlan's been fired and suspended, and McLaren got docked $100 million and lost all its points, and just handed the constructor's title to Ferrari.

Why the heck do I bother following F1 if THIS is what you get, a team getting all its points taken away from them? Oddly, while the team got points taken away, the points for the McLaren drivers all still stand. So all the points McLaren got may have been thrown out, but they still count anyway for the drivers!!! I don't get it.

What's next? Are we going to learn that Tiger Woods spies on Phil Mickelson's caddy next?! And that it's influencing his decisions on what clubs to use?! This really is a joke. Pro sports is turning into a bad James Bond movie, like one of those Seventies Roger Moore flicks. Or better yet, a spoof of a James Bond movie, because this really is comical.

It makes this a really bad time to be a sports fan. In fact, it makes all of us sports fans look like complete idiots. We're all fools for being fans!! You look at all this nonsense going on in sports, what with the steroids and the spying, and cheating and games being thrown by referees and all that, and it makes you think: why should we even keep following this stuff? The WWE looks pretty good these days compared to these jokers who play the "real " sports, doesn't it? Wait a minute -- they are all on steroids there, too. Aw, to heck with it!!

Really, this is the reason why I've become a big movie fan. At least movies don't throw games or go on steroids!! Why should I invest time following pro sports when NONE of these guys can be trusted to play by the rules or keep these sporting events on the level?! Good question.


I have been talking about Donald Trump again this week for the millionth time and as you know he is doing a celebrity edition of the Apprentice show.

One of the people rumored to be a potential candidate on the show is the beautiful former Girl of the WB (and CAIRNS BLOG fave), Charisma Carpenter. The hot rumor is that she'll be on the show trying to get hired.

You know what, she'd be perfect. Charisma's young and classy, a fun individual, and would fit right in with all those Miss Universe women and those high rollers in the casinos with her natural charm, animal magnetism and good looks. I could see her becoming fast friends with Ivanka.

Hey, Mr. Trump, why even bother having a show? Save yourself the trouble, man. Hire this chick right now!

Charisma Carpenter is a BAAAAAABE!!!

UPDATE: Rats. Turns out she won't be on the show after all.

Friday, September 14, 2007


Thought I would share my thoughts about some of these awards shows on TV, since, well, they've been in the news lately.

A lot of people still railing on about this Britney Spears/MTV award show debacle that I never got to see on TV. Rumor now has it that she will appear on the Emmys this Sunday and apologize for blowing the MTV Music Video Awards show. You know what? She should not go on the Emmys and apologize, she shouldn't go near that show. She should just stay home. If she goes on the Emmys, she definitely will end up doing something nutty, like have a wardrobe malfunction on TV or something. And we can't have that.

Also, what's with Ryan Seacrest hosting the Emmys now, too?! Aren't people fed up with him being everywhere?

I'm going to tune in to the Emmys to see all Hollywood TV types have their last hurrah before they all go on strike this October. Oh yeah, and the new TV season starts in about a week.

Noticed that Jon Stewart got asked to come back to do the Oscars again. I gotta say, I am really surprised he was asked back, because he wasn't that big a hit the first time he hosted. In fact, a lot of people thought he bombed, but here he is coming back. I guess nobody else would do it.

The other thing is -- I think people look at him these days and think the guy is too tied in with the political scene in general and the Democratic Party in particular. He's different from other comedians that way. You think of Leno or Letterman or Conan, and you think "funny" or "they're lame", or "they were a lot better 20 years ago", and so on. But with Stewart you think Barack Obama or somebody like that.

If they want to have a political awards show next year for all these liberals in Hollywood, well, fine, just don't expect people at home to want to see politics shoved down their throats.

That's it!

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Thought I would post a couple more places to find stuff about the Toronto International Film Festival:

Here's eTalk.
And here's the CBC.
Also, Richard Roeper is at the Festival and has this video blog here at the Roeper Without Ebert site.

Also, here's a Reuters story about how slow the sales have been at the fest for these movies looking for deals. Is it any wonder, though? The movies they run are so loaded with sex that it grosses the audiences out. It's a joke.

In other entertainment news the Emmys are this weekend. Thought I would remind myself about that. That's it for now, I'm off to bed.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Thought I would post a couple of Hollywood news items.


Seems that Britney Spears' big MTV Video Music Awards return was an embarrassing flop. All the reports call it an "attempted comeback," not a "comeback", which says it all right there. Everyone hated her outfit and hated her singing, and called her too fat. Well, I never did get to see it on the weekend but I guess I didn't miss much. Or maybe I missed quite a bit. I missed yet another big Britney train wreck. Apparently, it wasn't really her singing either, just lip synching.

Can you believe Kevin Federline fell for this woman? I think even Federline has to wonder why he ever fell for this babe in the first place. Certainly the general public has caught on that this woman is a train wreck who is going downhill fast. Britney Spears' career has had it.


Tuned in to TMZ TV and was kind of surprised. I guess I expected more of a tabloid-TV news show, but it sort of was a mix of tabloid news and reality TV, that was the best way to describe it. I guess I expected something more like Inside Edition or something like that, but this effort seemed similar to Real TV or Ripley's Believe it or Not.

I dunno what to make of the show or whether I like it or not. It certainly seems like a sleazy show. But you know what? That's what Hollywood is these days, a sleazy dump of a place filled with weirdoes! I don't blame Harvey Levin one bit for putting on a show that essentially tells the truth about that place instead of the usual fake spin you get from the big PR people for the stars. What a dump Hollywood is, folks!

Incidentally, we now know what Star!TV here in Canada is going to do to replace all that former E! programming that got taken away by Global. CTV made a big deal to bring TMZ TV to Canada, and they're going to stick that show on Star!TV and bring all of Hollywood's sleaze to every television set in the country.

God help us all.


For those wondering about what went down at the box office last weekend, suffice to say nobody went to the theaters. Here's my rant about it here.


Fans of gorgeous beauty contest winners will be happy to hear that Playboy is running a pictorial coming out on newsstands any day now, featuring beautiful former Miss Universe Alicia Machado of Venezuela. It's in the October issue.

(Keith Olbermann is in the issue too, but he's not naked in it. Instead, he's getting interviewed.)

The guys at the Mansion are apparently going the cheap route and are just rerunning the photos of Alicia that already ran in the Mexican and Venezuelan editions last year. The scans are all over the Internet already, too, but what the heck!? Why not run them again in the main magazine and let the filthy Americans see what they have been missing! Also, the pictorial was kind of historic because Alicia is the first Miss Universe ever to pose nude for Playboy.

I think Alicia looks great these days, and she is definitely one of my all-time favorite Miss Universes. Certainly she's one of the most famous ones, too -- for all the wrong reasons.

It's hard to believe this is the woman Donald Trump was going to fire for being too fat!! They put this woman on a diet and paraded her around in the media! Well, from what I see of Alicia now, she is definitely not fat at all. In fact, she's a 10!! If people still think she's fat, well, society has to give its head a shake, because this woman is a knockout.

I think the fact that she embarrassed that uptight Trump guy is a big point in her favor, quite frankly. Trump needs to be taken down a few notches.

I love Alicia Machado. She's embarrassing to be sure, but she's also really delightful and a fun individual and those are all qualities that make her so terrific. She kind of reminds me of Carmen Electra that way -- similar personalities.

Still, while Alicia is definitely one of my favorite pageant winners of any pageant (especially now that she's posed for Playboy), I must confess: I still have that soft spot for the beautiful Miss Universe 2005 Natalie Glebova, of Toronto.

Go Canada.


Noticed that the writ was officially dropped for the Ontario provincial election.

Meanwhile, here I am, one province over and still in exile from Ontario. And looking on with some objectivity after spending so much time involved in the provincial scene there. Not that I am removed totally from the political scene, I am exposed to it day in and day out in my job. But it sure is different to not play an active role in this election in Ontario after I did so much to help put John Tory in as leader of the PCs there.

I'm interested in seeing how my friends in Ontario are doing in this election. No doubt I'm sure some of them are mad because I left the province and can't help their campaigns lose again. There're not the only ones mad. I'm mad, too, that I left their province and cannot help their campaigns lose again. I left, all because the cost of living in Ontario is through the roof, the pollution is terrible, and the jobs are no good.

Now I'm living in a place where the cost of living is low, there's no pollution to speak of, and I'm doing much better financially and otherwise. No thanks to Dalton McGuinty and the Liberals, who were a big reason why I packed up and left.

I was at an event with some reporters a couple of weeks back and they were all saying how terrible the cost of living was when they used to be in big cities like Toronto, and now that they're in Manitoba they are filthy rich and living the good life. Personally, though, I am far too urban an individual and would love to get back to living in a big city as soon as possible.

Sunday, September 09, 2007


The NFL season, that's what. And the football players aren't the only ones who are back.

Man, I love cheerleaders.

Friday, September 07, 2007


Well based on what I am seeing I am not missing much this year, not being in Toronto to see the eTalk Star! Schmooze live tonight. Besides, I have a big headache and am trying to get rid of that, too.

What can I say about an event where the biggest name there is Hilary Duff!? And that judge guy from Canadian Idol?! When is Paris Hilton going to show up, too? She's in town, there, too.

Other than that, who's there?! This is an utterly unimpressive group of B-listers these folks have served up this year. Last year was a lot better for names, and the year before was even better. When music stars are bigger than the movie stars at an event like this, that's pretty sad. Besides, who cares about Hilary Duff. I could have seen Hilary Duff for myself a few weeks ago if I wanted to, in Winnipeg. I would have had to pay money to see her, though.

Me, I don't want to see a music show on a night when the focus ought to be on the movies. That's my rant. I take back all the bad things I said about last year's show.

By the way, last year I dubbed the Toronto International Film Fest to be a big blood fest with all these films about politicians getting bumped off. This year it seems they have gone off the deep end again with a film called Young People F***ing, and guess what that's about. I notice one of the cast members went on the Schmooze and said the F word on TV.

You get the sense that Toronto has completely gone downhill ever since I moved back to the prairies?! Even the Schmooze is in the tank this year. Boooooring.

Thursday, September 06, 2007


Since I am in a mood to talk about the movies these days---

What the heck is up with this thumbs up/thumbs down dispute between the At the Movies with Roeper show and Roger Ebert?

What is up with that, man?! Apparently Ebert is in a contract negotiation with the show, so he's withheld the use of the thumbs from the show until he gets what he wants. Apparently Ebert copyrighted the use of the thumbs as a trademark years ago when he did the show with Gene Siskel. And now he's not happy with the offer he's getting from Disney, so he's refusing to allow anyone's thumbs to be used on the show!

Wow. You know, I'm looking at this Roeper Without Ebert show these days (with Roeper paired up with Robert Wilonsky of the Dallas Observer). and it was bad enough when Roeper had to sit next to all these stand-up comedians and other people, trying to warm Roger's seat. Now they don't even have the thumbs thing going on the show! What point is there to watching this show, then, if they can't give that thumbs up or thumbs down? It was bad enough when Siskel died, but this really is the end of the show if this stands.
Who wants to see these two guys simply going "yes" or "no" to these flicks? Not me.

Here's an article on the whole thumbs dispute that ran in the Tribune. Also, here's a rant by David Poland about what a sorry state the show is in these days and how Ebert might be better off taking a walk, given his health issues and so on.

Personally, I give this whole situation a big thumbs down. This show sucked without Ebert. Now it sucks even more than ever.


One good thing to say about the website at they put up there video of the past reviews of the show, going back to when Siskel was on it. The old reviews run from 1986 and they have a few other special features there, so that's all worth seeing. A lot better than what you're seeing every weekend on TV these days, unfortunately.

UPDATE: Here's another post about Ebert being gone from his own show, with comments about the Roeper and Wilonsky pairing that I pretty much agree with. I dunno why these two are paired up on the show, they're boring as heck together.


Tomorrow night is the Star! Schmooze as usual and this year is the first one since the folks over at CTV took the place over.

Well, guess what, this is going to be called the eTalk Star! Schmooze now and they're going to have Ben Mulroney and Tanya Kim cover it- along with the usual Star!TV people.

ETALK?! They're there covering this thing now, too? They're taking over everywhere.

Actually, I kind of don't care. You know, I have nothing against Ben Mulroney, it's just that I get fed up seeing him on every entertainment TV show in Canada. Oh, and by the way, CTV will rerun the thing Saturday night.

Speaking of Star!TV, when the heck does E! leave the building over there? I heard that the new E! Canada network launches this week. So that really does mean Star!TV will be in the tank with no programming.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


It is technically September 6 in the Eastern time zone as I write this, so that means it is Day One for the TIFF for this year. It`s the one event covered ad nauseum by the entertainment media in this country. Bigger than CANADIAN IDOL, even.

Here`s a link to the BELL festival access site with all the big news from this year`s festival. Also check out all the usual blogs by all the usual people.

Also I know that Rogers Television usually does a ton of stuff, but fat help that is to me this year, not living in Toronto anymore. We don`t get that sort of thing here on the prairie. In fact I`m not even sure they still have the rights. I think Bell has them now. I see nothing on the Rogers Television site about the film festival at all, which is surprising.

I gotta say, I have few regrets about my time at Rogers TV but the one that I do have is that I didn`t push hard enough for one of those plum TIFF assignments. Those red carpet gigs would have paid beans but it would have been great for the ol`demo reel. It would surely have gotten me a plum job in TV, forecasting the weather on The Weather Network like everyone else.

I do believe Star!TV has their big Schmooze on Friday night on TV. At least I hope so.


I'm pleased to announce that I am now the proud owner of a new computer.
Blogging should be more regular here from now on.

Sunday, September 02, 2007


I don't have much news today and I have nothing to say about this laughable Sen. Larry Craig resignation business. But I will say this: if you say you're not guilty of something, then get a lawyer and plead not guilty! Fight the charge in court!! Don't go ahead and plead guilty to something without a lawyer present! That's just plain stupid.

That's it!!