Monday, December 24, 2007


Been reading Nikki Finke and she says they tried and failed to get the talks going again in the Writers Strike. Apparently these idiots in management are so entrenched in their positions that they are ordering up a ton of unscripted programming including lots of reality shows and game shows, figuring that the dimwits in middle America won't miss the writers very much if they do that.

Well, guess what. I am starting to hear complaining and bellyaching from people about how bad the TV is, so I don't see how serving up more reality shows and more game shows will be a stopgap. Basically the writers have already done all the damage they are going to do -- they shut down the late night shows, which are most dependent on them for their existence, and forced them into reruns. Those are shows that rely on making fun of current events. Having no writers is a fine way to ruin shows like that. Anyway, pretty much all these late night shows are coming back, writerless, in the new year. So these shows won't be good, but at least they are back.

Me, I am surviving the strike quite well by watching a lot of AMC and TCM, and avoiding network shows. The thing is, I haven't had a chance to watch a lot of TV the last few months. So now when I get a chance to watch a scripted show, it seems brand-new. Even if it's a freaking rerun. Plus, I happen to be a big reality-show and game-show watcher, in spite of myself. I mean, yeah, I'll watch Survivor and Amazing Race, and Gene Simmons' silly show on A&E, and the even sillier Girls Next Door, and Deal or No Deal, Power of 10, 1 vs. 100 and all this other stuff.

I also watch a lot of cable news- CNN, CNBC, you name it. And --you guessed it-- all the sports. So I'm personally in very good shape, at least as far as prime time is concerned. I guess what I'm most mad about is what's happened to the late night shows. That's a big part of my TV viewing day disrupted right there. Instead of watching those shows these days, I'm surfing the web and watching feeds from the TV networks in Russia. Russian TV has these American networks all beat right now, because AT LEAST THEY'RE NOT ON STRIKE.

For those wondering about the late night shows going back to work who want to know how Johnny Carson handled a similar situation in 1988, click here for this look back.

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