Thursday, December 06, 2007


You know, it's funny. You look at Entertainment Tonight and sites like that, and you wouldn't think that all of Hollywood is shut down and paralyzed right now. You think instead that it's life as usual, with celebrities getting in trouble and even going to jail! Kiefer Sutherland and Gary Collins are just the latest DUI jailbirds.

And then you look at Nikki Finke's site and the ones like it, and you get a fresh dose of the reality of the business. You get real entertainment industry news--- not this stars-gone-wild nonsense. It's refreshing. But it's perhaps even more depressing, because this strike is killing your favorite shows and making the networks duck soup for a reality-show takeover by January.

So far, no real news to report on the strike front. Just haggling. That's what's happening in Hollywood right now: nothing.

I kind of believe the motivation to settle this thing still isn't there from people yet. I suspect what will happen is that these folks will settle this thing at the exact moment when they have to settle it-- when American Idol starts. Because if they don't settle this thing by then, FOX will just put Idol up against reruns on the other channels and they will just kill everyone.

Another drop-dead date is when the Oscar telecasts go live and you know these folks don't want to scuttle THAT with a strike! It would be bad for business. So I think this thing will get settled by the time of the Oscar cast, at least.

Maybe the optimistic predictions of a December settlement will still come true.

But who knows. Maybe these networks don't care, and maybe they really will kill all the scripted shows and load up the airwaves with reality shows and game shows. Not that that's such a bad idea if we get Deal or No Deal five nights a week, but still...


BY THE WAY, GUYS, get ready for a fun edition of Deal or No Deal on Friday. The suitcase models are going to be wearing bikinis on that night's show!! Howie Mandel is a lucky guy.

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