Friday, December 14, 2007


Amusing political news out of Alberta. Former NBC News foreign correspondent Arthur Kent, who has dodged bullets in Afghanistan and Iraqi scud missiles in Saudi Arabia , is going into politics. Just like his anchorman brother, Peter. Here's his web site. He's running for the PCs in Calgary!

He was nominated in the provincial riding of Calgary Currie on November 17. By the way, I know everyone thinks Alberta is Conservative bedrock, but Kent has an uphill climb because that downtown riding is held provincially by the Liberals.

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bemore said...

Congrats! Mr. Kent on your new political position. I hope that after all these years the title of "scud stud" doesn't bother you, if anything, you will always be at least in my book a "stud". I loved watching you on 'History's Mysteries' and learned alot.