Saturday, December 15, 2007


Is it any wonder why fans have turned off of baseball when this is what we get? First there was the strike that wiped the World Series right out in 1994, and then we have had this decade of steroid abuse and cheating. There isn't a single home run record or pitching record we can trust now from the whole period since the 1994 strike. All because of steroids.

For those of you non-baseball fans (and believe me, your ranks are growing), statistics happen to be the lifeblood of this sport, more than for football, basketball, hockey or these others. It's a big part of baseball when some long-time record gets broken. People follow these statistics and these records as if it's religion! So this steroid abuse is really damaging to the sport, because now you can't look at any of these baseball records any more and put any faith in them.

Here's the story from in Blue Jays land. Among other things a lot of Jays got fingered in this Mitchell report that came out, including Roger Clemens (pictured).

I gotta say -- the fans are ANGRY. There is so much vitriol from fans towards these idiots in baseball right now. The people calling in these radio shows right now are just livid. The people in baseball are ruining that game for the fans for all time with their irresponsibility. But really, what do you expect? This is TYPICAL of the way baseball has operated over the last hundred years. From the Black Sox scandal to the racism that kept black players out of the game for the longest time, to the lousy treatment of players, to the free-agent era when loyalty to the fans got shredded, to the labour disruptions and now this.

We baseball fans are FOOLS for following this sport. FOOLS!!!!!

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