Friday, December 28, 2007


Can you believe that the Iowa Caucuses are almost here already? Get set for political coverage next week on THE CAIRNS BLOG as we link to Iowa presidential race results. I will also be cross-posting to my all-politics blog known as Cairns On Politics--- which, as you know, is not up to much lately and has no audience. Maybe I'll post more often over there than I have in the past--- it's a big election year coming up, you know.

Fun stuff. This caucus stuff from Iowa is the type of thing that people who are political junkies live for. Although I must confess, I have not been following the political scene in the USA as closely as in the past. Maybe I'm simply fed up with politics. These days I'm far more interested in sports, movies, TV, and last but not least, girls.

(See my post below where I rant about movies and girls, all in one post.)

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