Friday, December 21, 2007


Don Chevrier died suddenly earlier this week and his death is a real loss for Canadian sportscasting. He was sort of the Curt Gowdy of Canadian sportscasting in a sense, in that he did all the main ones -- baseball, football, you name it. He even did the CBC Curling Classic during the Seventies. About the only sport he didn't do was hockey, oddly enough.

He was best known for doing Toronto Blue Jays games nationally alongside Tony Kubek for years on TV, and in fact called the first TV game in Blue Jays history. So this guy had a national following. Of course, he lives in Saskatchewan Roughriders infamy as the guy who called Tony Gabriel's 1976 catch to win the Grey Cup for Ottawa.

He kind of faded from the scene in the past few years -- he moved to the USA and regularly did sports for ABC Radio including the Triple Crown races. He also did curling on NBC!

Anyway it's sad and surprising news.

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