Sunday, December 09, 2007


Been going through the TV vaults of YouTube again to try and find some more long-lost TV shows. I gotta say, people out there on the picket lines striking should really take a look at YouTube. They'll get some really good ideas on what not to do on TV.

It sure looks like the Sixties were a great time for outlandish, stupid ideas on television. We got genies, Martians, creepy neighbors, families with monsters, witches, and all kinds of crazy stuff including girls bathing in water towers in Hooterville. Think about it -- health issues for the residents of Hooterville, all due to these three Petticoat Junction babes bathing in the water!

Well, there were a lot of shows on the air that not many people know about, but which fit right in with the silliness already on TV.


Take My Mother the Car for example. It's about this woman who gets reincarnated as a car. Sound stupid? You bet. In fact it's one of the worst shows in TV history, and Jerry Van Dyke (pictured) was in it.

And to show you that Jerry Van Dyke just cannot win, here's a clip from another forgotten flop show, Accidental Family. Eventually he got a steady gig, on Coach.

Also, his famous brother Dick Van Dyke had a long-forgotten show in the Seventies , IN COLOR, with Hope Lange starring as his wife. I guess Laura filed for divorce.


Remember the show Occasional Wife? Me neither. This show ran one season in 1966 before it got the boot. It starred Michael Callan and Patricia Harty as a pretend-married couple. The whole premise is that this poor dude must pretend to be married in order to have a chance at getting promoted by his boss. So he enlists his friend to be his pretend wife. The whole concept on the show seems laughable today. Any employer who wanted to try a stunt like that would definitely get sued. It probably would have been decent as a movie of the era, but as a series? Dunno.

Patricia Harty was also in the show Blondie, another series that looks utterly lame.

If you don't think that's laughable enough, try Paul Lynde trying to pass himself off as a family man on the Paul Lynde Show. Here's a promo of that one which ran in 1972 that also has a preview of Temperatures Rising.

Here's the show It's About Time, which looks to me like a time machine version of Gilligan's Island. It's even produced by the same guy who brought you Gilligan.

Speaking of Gilligan's Island, here's the Skipper playing Casey Jones.

Promo stuff from 1966 as ABC promoted its Thursday lineup of Bewitched, Love on a Rooftop and That Girl.

Less funny stuff now: Here's a clip from the Julie Newmar series
My Living Doll. And the opening from Honey West.

And a clip from the rather unfortunately-named TV show Naked City.

Anyone who wants to know about who the Dean Martin Show's Golddiggers were can check out this clip here. Man, could they sing.
And finally from the Seventies, the Glen A. Larson TV series Sword of Justice.

That's all for now.

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