Friday, December 21, 2007


Just thought I would let you know that I notice the issues of MAXIM on the newsstands are rail-thin these days. The latest issue only has 120 pages, which in magazine terms amounts to anorexia. Life is bad at the men's magazine.

I notice Mischa Barton is the cover girl and this says it all right there. They are still trying to ride the coattails of all these TV babes whose shows have gotten cancelled. But nobody cares about them anymore. Last month they brought back Sarah Michelle Gellar from the crypt and everyone laughed because she's been gone for years.

Someone really ought to tell these folks in charge there at MAXIM to recruit more current babes. The archrivals at Playboy have been killing them the last two months with their pictorials featuring two current, buzz-worthy naked babes: Kim Kardashian and Adrianne Curry.

It's been a rapid decline for the lads mags in the USA -- or as I call them, the babes magazines. First FHM was put out of its misery, and then Stuff. I think MAXIM could be next. My theory is that the guys who just bought out MAXIM really wanted Blender, the other magazine that was part of the deal to buy the parent company. So I think what will happen is they will eventually kill the US edition of MAXIM, send the MAXIM subscribers over to Blender, and let the UK edition of MAXIM into the country. The UK edition is better anyway, they have hotter babes.

I guess I am mentioning this because I'm interested in the magazine business and I'm seeing this whole genre of babes magazines going down the tubes as we speak. 120 pages for the January issue of MAXIM is a sad state of affairs, folks. This rag has had it.

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