Saturday, December 15, 2007


Been looking at the YouTube vaults again and ran across some old soft drink ads for TV.

You know, I find these beverage ads amusing. Soft drink ads are so much different from coffee ads, or beer ads. Beer ads tend to be loaded with funny stuff like talking frogs and catch-phrases ("THIS CALLS FOR a BUD LIGHT!"). And coffee ads tend to feature lots of adults being delightfully mellow, or Latin guys sitting back and extolling the virtues of their favorite coffee. Stuff like that.

But soft drink ads tend to be, well, bouncy and upbeat! They feature lots of young people at the beach, and lots of singing and dancing. You don't see this kind of stuff in beer ads or coffee ads, these choreographed numbers! At least, not very often.There are lots of pop stars associated with soft drink ads, everyone from Michael Jackson to Britney Spears. (A real cross-section of freaks when you think of it.) I know the Coca-Cola Company dipped heavily into popular music for their TV ads, and Pepsi followed suit in the 80s.

So I thought I would post some links to some interesting soft drink ads I spotted on YouTube, with an emphasis on the obscure. Believe me, there are a LOT of soft drinks out there. And here's a fun fact for guys: I think there are more babes in these soft drink ads than in these beer ads. Beer ads have a terrible reputation for being loaded with babes, but I think the soft drink ads are far worse for that. Those are just loaded with girls in bikinis, drinking this stuff on the beach. It's really funny to see this sort of thing because these drinks have a terrible reputation for being fattening. And yet these people look so good.

Anyway, here goes.

Here's the famous Pepsi Generation ad from the Sixties. This was a famous ad campaign that really put Pepsi on the map as a cola for the young generation.

Here's an ad from 1968 for RC Cola from one of my favorite recording artists Nancy Sinatra. This one ran on her Movin' with Nancy special on TV that year and I thought I would post it again, since Nancy really was a swinging chick of her era and a bonafide hottie in her own right.

Speaking of hotties: here's an ad for Canada Dry featuring Ann-Margret. This was from a TV special Annie hosted in 1968, and there was lots of wild singing and dancing in this commercial featuring this terrific woman. I've always been a huge Ann-Margret fan. But the ad itself is terrible. I'm sorry, but this jingle seemed to be written by someone high on LSD. It's just the most incoherent mess ever, and poor Ann-Margret had to try and tap her way through it. See if you don't agree with me.

Here's a classic Cindy Crawford Pepsi ad from the Nineties. It was two young kids impressed with the soft drink Cindy was drinking. I think this aired during the Super Bowl.
And here's another fun Pepsi ad with Cindy from 1994.

More stuff: here's a classic TaB ad from the Sixties- "be a Mindsticker."
And another TaB ad starring a f*cking-hot Elle Macpherson. Wow, I was blown away by the body of that lady in a bikini.

And an obscure Mello-Yello ad with lots of singing and dancing in it.
And a classic Dr. Pepper ad.
Here's a Seven-Up ad from the Seventies, which looks to me to be inspired by that trippy Canada Dry ad. The guy who produced this ad was probably on LSD, too. I'll say this though- I remember seeing this ad on TV, so it's definitely memorable and a classic. 7Up aways had great ads.

There you go. Enough about soft drinks.

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