Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Sorry that I haven't been at this blog more often in recent days. In part, it's because I have been awfully busy the last few days. But also it's because I have no news, really. I was in Brandon last week for a big municipalities convention (interesting stuff). This week I have been (a) doing Christmas shopping in Winnipeg, (b) been plowing away at my mainstream media duties, and (c) been shivering to death. I gotta say, this place is COLD.

How the heck do people here put up with this weather?! Beats me. I don't know why more people here don't simply get fed up and leave for warmer temperatures. Maybe it's because the cost of living is low and life is good. (That's what all the Ontario expatriates here like to say). Or maybe it's because this awful cold weather here is better than having to put up with mudslides in British Columbia.

I have no news, really. Still, I should tend to the blog more often. You know, having a blog is like having a cat -- you need to feed it a lot.

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