Thursday, November 29, 2007


Been reading the nonstop continuing coverage of the writers' strike from Nikki Finke. They got talks going again four days ago but the union just rejected an offer today. So they'll be back negotiating again on Tuesday.

Anyway, quite a few folks are saying that this strike could be all over soon, possibly by Dec. 8. Which is good because there isn't much entertainment on late night TV these days at all. All we are getting is reruns.

I understand NBC has gone deep into the vault to re-air some old Jay Leno stuff that was on way back in 1992. I didn't know they kept any shows from 1992; I heard Leno had them all burned or something because they were supposed to be so awful. Anyway, these shows are getting re-aired.

Also heard that Carson Daly is crossing the picket lines to come back with his lame Last Call with Carson Daly show, but he really doesn't have much need for writers on that show anyway. And he was apparently going to make a series of "scab" jokes on the show about this situation, but instead everyone is making jokes about HIM. I dunno why he even bothers to come back, but I read elsewhere that NBC was playing hardball and was going to cancel him if he didn't return. I guess Carson Daly has no clout.

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