Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Well. Seems Kathryn Humphreys' stint on the beach might be short-lived. You know her ex-boss at Citytv, Stephen Hurlbut? Well, new owners Rogers just canned him the other day, and people are all going crazy thinking he got the boot due to botched contract negotiations with Kathryn Humphreys.

This sure does remind people of what went down with Ron MacLean years ago when he walked away from the CBC in a contract dispute, only for the CBC to bow to public pressure and hire him back.

But I think it's different with Kathryn Humphreys. I think people want her back on the air not because they loved her work or even watched her. Instead, it's because people genuinely feel this woman got hosed. They're right.

The thinking is that Rogers may hire Humphreys back now, and they have a meeting set up sometime soon to discuss things. Good.

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