Monday, November 12, 2007


I have noticed that OJ Simpson has been back in court recently in Las Vegas, for the pre-trial hearings in his big armed robbery case. They'll be back tomorrow, I gather.

I find it fascinating that these outlets in LA are going full-hog on this story. KTLA and NBC 4 have been streaming their coverage, and I know Court TV has been streaming as well, over the Net. I know KTLA's Web stream has had anchors anchoring and all that; they've really gone all-out.

All I have to say is WHY??! O.J. isn't a local LA story anymore, really-- he's a Vegas story. That's where the trial is, Vegas. He doesn't even live in California anymore-- he lives in Florida.

I like tuning in the trial coverage and seeing it all unfold, but to be honest I am really tired of seeing O.J. in court. Why won't people just convict him already and get it over with, so that we won't need to see these "trials of OJ" ever again? This guy simply cannot stay out of trouble. I'm sick of seeing O.J. in court all the time.

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