Monday, November 12, 2007


Thought I would add a few good writers' strike links to the mix here.

The Huffington Post, that bastion of liberalism, has a Writer's Strike page worth seeing. Check it out.

Also, thought I would link to Nikki Finke's Deadline Hollywood Daily and FishbowlLA, which have live continuing coverage of the strike. And Hollywood Wiretap has plenty of coverage.

Variety and Hollywood Reporter have strike coverage but I've heard a lot of people whining and bellyaching that these sites are too pro-industry and are taking the studios' side in the strike. Variety has a strike blog.

BLOGS! From Ken Levine, Mark Evanier, and Craig Mazin.

Jeremy Blachman (Anonymous Lawyer) also has quite a few posts about the strike.

And the Letterman show writers have a blog too.

I guess the big news of the last few days has been Ellen's willingness to do her show without the writers (ingrate!). Also, there are LAYOFFS at the late night shows! NBC is pondering GUEST HOSTS for its crippled late night shows. All I gotta say about that idea is that this stinks. A show with guest hosts and no writers is going to be a waste of airspace!

Who wants to watch that?! They are better off just putting on reruns -- at least you'll have jokes that are sort of funny. I guess the only good news is that guest hosts would keep the help employed at these shows. But that's the only good it will do.

That's it!!

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