Thursday, November 01, 2007


I thought I would pass along some of the news that I had heard about over the last few days which I've been too exhausted to post here -- until now.

Uh, Robert Goulet died while waiting for a transplant.

And departed Yankee skipper Joe Torre has signed with the LA Dodgers. Joe Girardi was named Yankees manager today to replace Torre.

We're still waiting for the big writers strike to happen and there's supposed to be a big meeting tonight to determine when to walk. In the meantime, tonight would be a good night to tune in your favorite late-night shows one last time before they go down for the count.

Heard that Don Imus has a new job at WABC 770 AM! Which is good because WABC is one of the few New York stations you can get right here, in frozen cold southern Manitoba! When I lived in Toronto it just boomed in along with WFAN 660, WCBS 880 and WBBR 1130. But for some reason I can't get these other stations now, they are too far away. I sure hope this guy has learned some lessons. Dunno what Al Sharpton thinks about this hiring. I doubt he's pleased.

And just to let you know that CAIRNS BLOG election coverage returns NEXT WEEK on November 7 when we have for you the Saskatchewan election. I'll provide links and maybe some useful analysis -- or maybe not. I didn't really bother during the Ontario election blowout because I was too fed up.

Uh, that's it for now.

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