Friday, November 02, 2007


I find it amusing that these writers are going to go on strike and cripple Hollywood; meanwhile all these entertainment TV shows and publications care about is the state of the relationship of Angelina Jolie. It boggles the mind that these "entertainment news" outlets can be so out of touch about what is really happening out there right now.

By the way, any of you notice that Star! Daily is missing from the airwaves? I just noticed it a day or so ago. And there's good reason for it to be missing -- the show has been CANCELLED.

Seems that the show was only drawing 7,000 viewers an airing, so the new owners at CTV canned it a couple of weeks ago and replaced it with eTalk. And I never even missed it!! But then again, I haven't been watching any TV the last few weeks because I have been so busy.

You know, those numbers are really terrible. If that show really only got 7,000 viewers a show, it deserves to hit the bricks.

Don't feel sorry for Dina Pugliese though, she still has a job, early in the morning on Citytv. As usual, it's the help who got it in the end, about 20 production staffers taking the knife in the back. Too bad, but maybe working on the show will help them get jobs over at Global or at a decent radio station.

Heck, there's nowhere else to go now. Entertainment TV folks are finally getting the knife in this country, just like the news folks and the sports folks.

I have no other news, I've just had an extremely busy day covering agricultural news here in the farmland. Whoopee!!

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