Sunday, November 25, 2007


Well, today's Grey Cup Game is historic because this is the final one for CBC Television. This is their last CFL telecast after 55 years. Next year the rights completely go to TSN.

Here's an article on the end of the CBC's involvement. You know, I'm sad to see the CBC go, but a lot of people were mad at the CBC for announcerless football games during their 2005 strike, and people were mad when they cut away from the Saskatchewan-Edmonton game during a storm delay this year, deciding to show a movie instead. And they didn't come back after the game got restarted. So people outside Regina missed out on Saskatchewan's big comeback to win the game!

Don't feel bad for CBC Sports; they plan to show plenty of MLS soccer games and Blue Jays and Raptors telecasts to replace the CFL. And of course they still have the NHL.

Oh, and go Riders.

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