Saturday, November 24, 2007


Catching up on the latest news, I notice that NBC announced its celebrity Apprentice candidates. I notice the Hollywood Reporter isn't impressed. They think this ought to be the last season for this show. But the way things were going last year, I thought LAST season was going to be the end.

Here's the question I have: how many times must a show jump the shark before the idiots in charge at the network finally decide to gas the series and put it out of its misery? A "celebrity edition" is a sure shark-jump, but this series has already jumped with that horrendous season in LA, the firing of Carolyn, the disappearance last season of George, some really bad season-finale shows, ridiculous product placement, and all the rest of it.

Not only that, but these celebrities aren't even A-list. Jennie Finch? Carol Alt?! Stephen Baldwin!? GENE SIMMONS!!! He has a reality show already, they don't need him. And get this, OMAROSA is back (left).

Why is Omarosa getting a second chance!? Oh, I get it, the Donald is a big believer in second chances. Heck, NBC sure believes in the policy, bringing this train wreck of a show back! And to think people used to take this show seriously as a way to get ahead in business. What fools.

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