Wednesday, November 21, 2007


It's way past my bedtime already, but I hit the floor when I read this. That idiot Brad Womack, a.k.a. the Bachelor, rejected both girls and decided to go home with nobody!!!

You know, I don't get it! If you're going to be the Bachelor, if you're going to be on TV, for gosh sakes do something with it! Don't simply use it as an opportunity to kiss girls on TV and then dump them! Make the most of the opportunity, man, and find a woman who might be your wife!!! And then marry her and live happily ever after! That's the whole point of this show, to get hitched! But this dude blows it, and decides to reject everyone on the show.

It's not as if these women are all a bunch of total losers. Sure, the bachelorettes who are normally on this show usually include a few psychos, but most of these women are normal people! Not only that, they're also hotties who look good wearing bikinis!!! What is this guy SMOKING?

I can tell you this, if I had been the Bachelor and if I had been on this silly show, instead of this other fool, you can be darned sure I would have chosen SOMEBODY.

WHAT AN IDIOT. This show is in the grave, for sure, now.

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