Friday, October 12, 2007


In honor of Esquire magazine and its absolutely safe and boring selection of Charlize Theron (ZZZZ) as the Sexiest Woman Alive, I just thought I would put up another Women I Love post up in honor of the woman who really is the Sexiest Woman Alive right now, Sports Illustrated swimsuit goddess Marisa Miller.

Although, to be honest with you, I kind of change my mind on the subject every week. One week it's Marisa Miller, the next week it's Sienna Miller. Basically anyone named Miller. There's also Keeley Hazell, the popular page 3 girl from the UK, and these other hotties like Elsa Pataky, Elsa Benitez, all these exotic women. And of course, I have a big crush on Jaime Pressly, who is the sexiest woman on TV.

You never hear about these hotties, though - not from Esquire and these other places. But they are all sexier than Charlize Theron, Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Aniston and all these other supposed Sexiest Women Alive.

Jessica Biel I can understand, though. Same for Angelina Jolie. But Marisa has those two all beat, too.

Back to my discussion of Marisa Miller. The reason I love Marisa is because she's made it on her all-natural good looks. She started her career by posing in Perfect 10, which is great because Perfect 10 is devoted to showcasing these women who don't go for implants. That's why that mag took off. Guys were sick and tired of seeing, ahem, fake breasts on all these women, and women were fed up having to go under the knife for phony implants in order to do modeling for Playboy and places like that.

Anyway Marisa posed for some delicious nude photographs for Perfect 10 and showed off her all-natural self, making her instantly popular with guys for that reason alone. And that launched her career. She went on to become an Elite supermodel and appeared in Sports Illustrated, posing in various swimsuits. She's also gone on to do Victoria's Secret stuff where she gets to hang out with Heidi Klum. Marisa has quite the life.

Personally, I think this woman is great. I'm a big fan of all the supermodels and my heart melts when I see these women on TV or in the movies. I just thought I would post a few more swimsuit photos of this gorgeous woman, just to prove to everyone that this woman is waaaaaay sexier than Charlize Theron. Really, what are those guys at Esquire smoking?! Marisa has Charlize totally beat.

I just gotta say it: I love Marisa Miller and think she's sexy as hell.

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