Monday, October 01, 2007


This would never have happened if I were in the John Tory inner circle. Taking a page out of the Kim Campbell playbook and changing a policy in the middle of an election campaign, even by just a little, is a good way to get bodyslammed in the press. I'd never advise it.

But nobody in politics ever listens to my sage advice, it seems. Ever. Which is why so many of my people lose.

I know some of these Blogging Tories are saying how great this is and how it shows John Tory is a leader willing to listen to the people and make changes accordingly, and that's what real leadership is all about. I would tend to agree-- it's better to listen to people than to not listen to them. But in an election campaign it's also a sure-fire way to end up with a non-leader dolt like Dalton McGuinty getting elected in the end. It makes you look wishy-washy on the issues, even if you aren't. And you end up being duck soup for the likes of Warren Kinsella and those types of people in the other party, all of them busy trying to get a real flip-flopper elected.

I'm also hearing polls saying Tory is trailing in his own riding in Don Valley West and all I will say is it's shaping up to be a very sad election for Tories again in Ontario. I am truly sad about it.

I keep telling myself I'm in a better place these days, away from Ontario. I am not sorry one bit about missing out on this emerging debacle of an election. If I were still there right now in Toronto, I'd probably be out there canvassing and getting doors slammed in my face. So yeah--- for me life is better, I guess.

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