Wednesday, October 03, 2007


I think it is freaking ridiculous that we folks in frozen Canada are getting denied access to the feed from TBS now that the local WTBS station in Atlanta has been converted to Peachtree TV.

Basically this is all the CRTC's fault, again. CRTC allowed in TBS not as a cable channel per se, but as a "specialty" service. Basically, it was allowed into Canada as a superstation, just like WGN and WPIX. So we got the local Atlanta signal under the CRTC rules, and under those same rules that's what we are stuck with, now that the local signal has been converted into Peachtree TV.

But this really sucks, because Canada is getting stuck with this second-rate local Peachtree TV from Atlanta while all of America is still getting TBS and all its comedy shows and movies -- and major league baseball. The problem is that the CRTC approved the Atlanta signal coming into Canada but never approved the "TBS network!" So if TBS wants into Canada they will have to file a totally separate application! I think that must be what happened, it's the only explanation I can come up with for this nonsense we are getting now from our TV sets.

This is a raw deal for Canadians. The station we were getting here wasn't WTBS. It was TBS! And we should keep on getting TBS!

This is what happens when bureaucracy trumps common sense. No one cares about the viewers in this country.

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