Saturday, October 27, 2007


(Pictured: unwatched NFL Network anchor Rich Eisen.)

Read this piece about how people in the NFL are concerned about the lack of exposure the NFL Network is getting. So many of these cable companies are shafting the NFL Network and placing it on the high tier. So nobody watches it!

You know, I don't mind the NFL Network, and the talent they have on there is pretty good. And when the channel was added to the cable system in Canada I really was excited. But let's face reality, people. This channel is not exactly appointment television. If you really want to watch the NFL, you watch the networks that carry it on Sundays! And also these local TV stations that have the highlight shows!! You don't watch the NFL Network for that. The NFL Network is kind of the place to go if there is nothing else to watch on TV!

The real problem for the NFL Network is that too much of their programming consists of these dull NFL Films documentaries. Now, these are well made and are fun to watch during weekends or late at night when the only other shows on are infomercials and test patterns. But you really need more than that to make a channel work! Plus, they have these useless reality shows, like these boring cheerleader contests they always show. If I want to watch lame reality shows with babes in them, I can just tune in the E! network to see Holly, Kendra and Bridget! Or I could watch The Hills on MTV!! I don't need the NFL Network for that. (Well, I guess I don't tune in to E!, because I don't get that channel where I live, but everyone else tunes into E! for the babes.)

If the NFL Network really wants more coverage they really need an overhaul of their programming, they need to show a LOT more games. These eight live Thursday games they show just aren't enough.

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