Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Well, Wednesday is election day in Ontario and all I will say about it is two words: vote Tory.

That's my CAIRNS BLOG editorial endorsement, and all I will say about the Ontario vote is that I cast my vote in it last year -- with my feet.

It's really too bad that this whole election got wrapped up around the religious schools issue when there are many more important issues out there that should have been addressed. And it really is a shame that voters in Ontario think it's A-OK for politicians who lie and break their promises to stay in power.

Say what you will about John Tory, but at least he's a man of integrity who not only means what he says and says what he means, but is ready to listen to what people say about policies and adjust his position if people all say he is out to lunch. Personally, I don't think the slogan of the campaign should have been "leadership matters." A better fit would have been "he listens and he cares," because that sums Tory up.

It sure would say a lot about Ontario voters if they go and re-elect a bunch of politicians who don't listen and don't care again. The voters really need to think hard before they do something like that again.

That's about it. See you tomorrow night for CAIRNS BLOG's Ontario election coverage, live from friendly Manitoba.

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