Monday, October 22, 2007


Here's another article on the end of this pathetic F1 season, where McLaren is appealing the ruling made from the stewards investigation on fuel irregularities affecting two teams. If the appeal is successful two teams get disqualified and Lewis Hamilton will get awarded fourth place and the F1 drivers title.

I mean, this is insane. If you are going to disqualify people and strip people of points, well, fine, but don't give Lewis Hamilton fourth-place points! Don't upset the result of the race! We have an F1 champion already, and that ought to be it! I don't want a bunch of officials and bureaucrats deciding a champion, we have enough of that in other sports (ie. the Olympic Games). It ought to be based on what happened out there on the track, nothing else!

I'm with Fernando Alonso here when he says this would be an embarrassment to the sport of Formula 1 auto racing.

That's it!!!!

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