Wednesday, October 31, 2007


The Writers Guild is getting ready to go on strike tomorrow. They just walked out of talks over DVD royalties.

Now I know a lot of people are going to say "who will care?" And claim we live in an Internet world and can live without these fools from Hollywood. The people who say this are probably folks who don't watch TV or go to the movies like the rest of us. And keep in mind, these fan boards like Television Without Pity and these blog sites like TV Squad basically stay in business by recapping new shows. Friends, we are in for a big disaster.

Here's a good article by Tim Goodman of SFGate which runs down what is likely to get hit and what is likely to happen. The first thing that will get hit by this strike will be these late-night talk shows and cable comedy shows: Jay, David, Conan, Craig, Carson, Jon and Stephen, Bill, and Spike. (Spike who?!) Saturday Night Live and Mad TV will get hit, too. That's basically all my favorite shows on TV getting the boot right away! That's not so good.

Then you have the rest of these TV shows and these have been stockpiled to the nines, and these movie scripts have been stockpiled and a number of movies are being rushed into production. These TV shows are all going to run new episodes until January and then, poof! It'll be all reruns, because all the new shows will have run out.

But don't worry, American Idol will be back by then and we'll see plenty of games and reality shows on by then. And maybe, just maybe, we'll see the TV news magazine show make a roaring comeback on TV. Expect to see Chris Hansen catching predators a lot on Dateline NBC.

My own strike plans consist of watching a lot of movies on AMC and TCM, lots and lots of sports (Hockey Night in Canada will not be affected, and neither will football), and of course, these news channels and all-business channels like CNBC. No doubt I will be watching plenty of Larry King. Because there will be nothing else worth watching!!!

I also plan to tune in to a lot of foreign TV channels from Russia and everywhere else on the Internet. Let's face it, the Russian TV writers aren't going on strike. Although when you think of it, most of their TV shows are ripoffs of American ones anyway --- The Nanny, Married with Children and so on.

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