Sunday, October 21, 2007


Well, Kimi Raikkonen came from behind in the points to win the Formula 1 drivers championship in Brazil in the final race of the season.

I gotta say, it was a great finish to the season and a lot better than these Michael Schumacher blowouts. Raikkonen finished one point up on Lewis Hamilton, who was way back in the pack, and Fernando Alonso blew his chance by finishing third. If he was second, Raikonnen would not have won the title.

In a bizarre twist these guys in F1 conducted a stewards investigation following the race over alleged rules violations by other teams!!! So we almost had the stewards deciding the F1 title in a year where McLaren got stripped of all its points in the drivers standings, handing the driver title to Ferrari. This year was a farce as far as officiating was concerned.

In other news, Cleveland confirms its status as Losertown after losing to the Red Sox.

UPDATE: McLaren is APPEALING the stewards investigation ruling!!! F1 is a JOKE.

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