Wednesday, October 10, 2007


You know, I am really not surprised Esquire picked Charlize Theron to be it's sexiest woman alive. I figured they would go with a big movie star, and I was right.

But really? Sexiest woman alive? I highly doubt it. Charlize Theron is definitely beautiful and is great-looking naked on-screen (which she's done quite a few times). I guess getting naked in the movies certainly qualifies you as being sexy.

But to be honest, her hot-babe days really took place about a decade ago. And frankly there are lots of quality babes out there who aren't Hollywood actresses.

Personally, these guys at Esquire need to look outside of Hollywood and make more of an effort. No disrespect to Charlize, who really is quite a sexy and classy lady, but it makes no sense to name her the Sexiest Woman Alive when we all know that the title should really belong to Victoria's Secret supermodel Marisa Miller.

I guess Esquire didn't want to give any attention to a woman who worked for Sports Illustrated --- not to mention Perfect 10.

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