Friday, October 05, 2007


I have a question.

Why do I even bother following other forms of auto racing other than NASCAR? NASCAR is really where it's at, what with the likes of Juan Pablo Montoya, A.J. Allmendinger, Patrick Carpentier and people like that joining up from F1 and the ChampCar circuits. I dunno why I follow the joke that is F1 these days. I still like the IRL, too, but their season's over.
The latest to join are Jacques Villeneuve, whose long-awaited move to NASCAR finally happened, and now 2007 Indycar champion Dario Franchitti.

Franchitti will drive for the number 40 car of Chip Ganassi . His career in stock cars begins this weekend, at an ARCA event. Soon he will be in NASCAR.

Meanwhile, Jacques Villeneuve starts at Talladega on Sunday and that is causing consternation for everyone. Villeneuve has this reputation for DNFs, and Talladega has this terrible reputation as being this place where stock cars go to die. It's the worst racetrack on the whole circuit for crashes and wipeouts, so no wonder everyone is worried. Anyway, I wouldn't be the least surprised to see Villeneuve hit the wall on Sunday and take the whole field out with him. The guy is a BUM.

I mean, I hate to be cynical, and I want this guy to win because he's Canadian and all that. But this guy's career has been a joke lately. All he's getting these days is criticism from people who think he's a bum who can't race! I still think Villeneuve should retire, or at least do something dignified with what's left of his auto racing career -- like run Le Mans races or something.

By the way, does anyone care about Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s new Number 88 car with Hendrick Motorsports? And his ugly color scheme?! That Budweiser Number 8 car is really going to be missed.

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