Wednesday, October 03, 2007


I remain kind of burned right out and probably won't post much in the next couple of days, but don't worry. I plan complete Ontario Election coverage on this blog. Next week.

Also, I plan complete Defeat of the Federal Government coverage when the big no-confidence vote happens. But then again, the Liberals are in a state of complete chaos and might chicken out on toppling the government.

What they really ought to do is chicken out. Really.

The fact is the Liberals really are a mess at the federal level, with all these people knifing Stephane Dion behind his back before he even gets around to fighting an election as leader! They need to get their act together, these Liberals.

I had hoped to get to complete coverage of the new TV season, but to be honest I haven't been watching any of the new fall shows because I have been too busy. Besides, the baseball has been too good. I did hear that Cavemen got some people to watch, which is really too bad, because that show is littering the TV real estate.

Also, I hear that Kid Nation really is terrible, and they have these kids killing chickens and the like. Talk about a show that is an outrage--- this is it. But I'm not watching that one, either.

And I understand The Heartbreak Kid opens this weekend. Not that I am likely to see it this weekend, I am going to be pretty much tied up. But I have some high hopes for it. It's from the Farelly Brothers and Ben Stiller is in it. So is Malin Akerman and Michelle Monaghan.

Did you hear that former PM Jean Chretien had quadruple-bypass surgery? This seems to be common surgery for retired political types (Chretien, Bill Clinton etc.)

That's about it, news about nothing.

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