Wednesday, October 31, 2007


The Writers Guild is getting ready to go on strike tomorrow. They just walked out of talks over DVD royalties.

Now I know a lot of people are going to say "who will care?" And claim we live in an Internet world and can live without these fools from Hollywood. The people who say this are probably folks who don't watch TV or go to the movies like the rest of us. And keep in mind, these fan boards like Television Without Pity and these blog sites like TV Squad basically stay in business by recapping new shows. Friends, we are in for a big disaster.

Here's a good article by Tim Goodman of SFGate which runs down what is likely to get hit and what is likely to happen. The first thing that will get hit by this strike will be these late-night talk shows and cable comedy shows: Jay, David, Conan, Craig, Carson, Jon and Stephen, Bill, and Spike. (Spike who?!) Saturday Night Live and Mad TV will get hit, too. That's basically all my favorite shows on TV getting the boot right away! That's not so good.

Then you have the rest of these TV shows and these have been stockpiled to the nines, and these movie scripts have been stockpiled and a number of movies are being rushed into production. These TV shows are all going to run new episodes until January and then, poof! It'll be all reruns, because all the new shows will have run out.

But don't worry, American Idol will be back by then and we'll see plenty of games and reality shows on by then. And maybe, just maybe, we'll see the TV news magazine show make a roaring comeback on TV. Expect to see Chris Hansen catching predators a lot on Dateline NBC.

My own strike plans consist of watching a lot of movies on AMC and TCM, lots and lots of sports (Hockey Night in Canada will not be affected, and neither will football), and of course, these news channels and all-business channels like CNBC. No doubt I will be watching plenty of Larry King. Because there will be nothing else worth watching!!!

I also plan to tune in to a lot of foreign TV channels from Russia and everywhere else on the Internet. Let's face it, the Russian TV writers aren't going on strike. Although when you think of it, most of their TV shows are ripoffs of American ones anyway --- The Nanny, Married with Children and so on.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Just wanted to let you know the big countdown is on to the big writers' strike deadline Wednesday night that could shut down Hollywood.

Nikki Finke says the deadline could be extended by a few more days.

Also, the strike could affect your favorite TV shows right here in frozen Canada. But don't you worry, Hockey Night in Canada will not be affected.

I'm too tired to post more, so good night!

Sunday, October 28, 2007


I have nothing to say about the Gemini Awards that are going tonight on CBC. These awards celebrate the Canadian TV industry but really, there's nothing good produced in Canada anyway so why bother tuning in this awards show?

(Just kidding, folks!)

George Stroumboulopoulos is the host and his own show The Hour is up for a ton of awards itself. Which kind of tells you all you need to know about the state of the TV industry in this country right now, because his show isn't all that great and George has been better elsewhere.

And of course Little Mosque on the Prairies got snubbed so this show has about as much credibility as the Emmys, with its similar miscarriages of justice.

The Geminis show goes tonight in beautiful, swanky Regina. (Regina?!)


There's this week, and then three more after this one. I am sad. Baseball season could end tonight, too. All I will say is thank you very much for putting on games, NFL, because life would stink otherwise.

Well, it can't last forever, this NASCAR season. All the other auto racing is pretty much over anyway, so this one might as well be over soon. Jeff Gordon right now leads the CHASE over Jimmy Johnson but it's far from over yet.

Also read that the BUSCH Series is going to change its name to the Nationwide series next year. You know the ads, Nationwide on your side? These insurance companies seem to be heavy sponsors of sporting events. (I notice Nationwide doesn't have amusing mascots like the AFLAC duck, or the Geico cavemen, or Erin Esurance.)

I should add this link to to my Broadcasters links. Krista Voda is a sexy auto racing sports reporter who covers NASCAR and is definitely having more fun as a reporter than I am right now.

Oh, and here's a picture of this hottie as well. HEEEEYYYY, check out how the picture keeps on changing all the time. Don't ask me how this works, I haven't a clue.

Krista Voda is a BABE.

Saturday, October 27, 2007


(Pictured: unwatched NFL Network anchor Rich Eisen.)

Read this piece about how people in the NFL are concerned about the lack of exposure the NFL Network is getting. So many of these cable companies are shafting the NFL Network and placing it on the high tier. So nobody watches it!

You know, I don't mind the NFL Network, and the talent they have on there is pretty good. And when the channel was added to the cable system in Canada I really was excited. But let's face reality, people. This channel is not exactly appointment television. If you really want to watch the NFL, you watch the networks that carry it on Sundays! And also these local TV stations that have the highlight shows!! You don't watch the NFL Network for that. The NFL Network is kind of the place to go if there is nothing else to watch on TV!

The real problem for the NFL Network is that too much of their programming consists of these dull NFL Films documentaries. Now, these are well made and are fun to watch during weekends or late at night when the only other shows on are infomercials and test patterns. But you really need more than that to make a channel work! Plus, they have these useless reality shows, like these boring cheerleader contests they always show. If I want to watch lame reality shows with babes in them, I can just tune in the E! network to see Holly, Kendra and Bridget! Or I could watch The Hills on MTV!! I don't need the NFL Network for that. (Well, I guess I don't tune in to E!, because I don't get that channel where I live, but everyone else tunes into E! for the babes.)

If the NFL Network really wants more coverage they really need an overhaul of their programming, they need to show a LOT more games. These eight live Thursday games they show just aren't enough.


Been reading reports that a federal mediator in involved in this contract dispute mess between the Writers Guild of America and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers.

What a mess. Hopefully they will come to their senses and not have a strike but I somehow doubt it. All these TV shows and movies are going to get all screwed up.


I am writing this post on a lazy Saturday morning and all I gotta say is that Saturday morning TV is not what it used to be. It's all this video-game-related junk. Who really cares about any of these cartoon characters. As for ABC, I've never been that big a fan of Disney programming to begin with, it just seems so boring.

What's really bad is that I do not have access to the CW these days, so I miss the entire Kids WB! lineup. So I am missing out on Tom and Jerry and Scooby-Doo. Not that it matters much, usually I spend the weekend sleeping. Also, the CW sold its entire Saturday morning block away to 4KidsEntertainment, so all these shows will wash up on the Cartoon Network anyway.

Noticed a website with these old clips of Saturday TV from the old days. They ran a complete episode of the old Banana Splits TV show which I hadn't seen in a long time. I didn't remember much from the original show, but I did remember these silly Banana Splits running around the amusement park going on all these rides. As a kid I thought it was really cool. I think it's great there are people out there trying to keep Saturday morning alive, or at least the memory of it alive.

Besides, those shows were good. The shows I remember the most, though, were the Bugs Bunny/Roadrunner Show, the Pink Panther Show, the Daffy Duck Show (on NBC), the Jetsons, Jonny Quest, Scooby-Doo, Hong Kong Phooey, and Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids. Those shows ran forever. You could also count on seeing the Harlem Globetrotters in one incarnation or another, or these Marvel or DC characters. But for some reason I preferred these Hanna-Barbera and WB shows.

I especially liked the shows with the Looney Tunes. That was one of the things you could count on seeing: Bugs Bunny on Saturdays. Sort of comfort TV for cartoon fans. Too bad these PTA groups had all the violence edited out.

The Flintstones also had a long Saturday morning presence, too, but their prime-time original series was much better and I remember it more as a show that ran on weekdays as opposed to weekends. They sort of jumped the shark after that show ended in 1966, because their original Saturday morning shows were generally terrible. (The Flintstones Comedy Hour in the early Seventies, on CBS, was OK. But the late Seventies stuff that ran on NBC was pretty awful.)

The other thing that was good about Saturday TV in those days was the filler programming like In the News and Schoolhouse Rock between shows, and all the ads were really memorable with Ronald McDonald, Sugar Bear, Cap'n Crunch and the rest of them. Who can forget that silly Trix Rabbit.

These days, what is there? Meh! Even the commercials are boring.

Let's face it, for most of us cartoon lovers there is really no point to watching Saturday morning cartoons anymore. Instead, the really good animation is all in prime time, on Sunday Nights on FOX with King of the Hill, The Simpsons, Family Guy and American Dad. Now that is entertainment. Not this video game ripoff type junk. As I say, Saturday morning TV is FINISHED.

Friday, October 26, 2007


Here is a recent profile of high-powered entertainment attorney Kevin Morris in the NY Times. Thought it was interesting.

I have a question: how the heck does he get away with running his law firm the way he runs it? He is running it as a talent agency with the lawyers starting off as assistants instead of as lawyers. Well, I guess that's one way to go about it, but it's a really unusual setup.


Well, I've been watching a lot of fire coverage over the Internet lately from the LA and San Diego stations in whatever spare time I have had, which has been minimal for the past week. Basically it consists of watching fire coverage late at night or very early in the morning.

Notice that KTLA is getting trashed for its coverage of the fires. LA Observed mentioned that instead of showing the fires, they would flip to show--- Jerry Springer. Keep in mind KTLA used to be a really big station for news in LA. In fact, lots of Canadians are able to get that station up here. They used to show every live news item under the sun, and all these car chases. The old KTLA would never have done that, cut away from live fire news to show Jerry! Jerry! --- not with Hal Fishman around. Hal is likely turning in his grave.

Reporter Stan Chambers would turn in his grave, too, except he's still alive.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


The first show to get the boot this TV season is Viva Laughlin. Two shows, and it's DONE. Read it here. As you can tell, a lot of people had bet on K-Ville to be the first to go. But I am really not surprised this one got the sack.

So much for my theory about shows staying on the air in order to fill time because of the looming strike. And speaking of the looming strike, lots of Hollywood people think the TV season is down the drain already.


Citytv and OMNI TV in Toronto have found a new home! They are going to move into the Olympic Torch building in that square near the Eaton Centre and turn that into a broadcast centre.

This is really good news. It will allow Citytv to retain that urban feel and allow all these channels to go under one roof.

Though I must admit -- it's still hard to imagine the old ChumCity building in the clutches of CTV.

Monday, October 22, 2007


Well, we haven't seen live streaming of any hurricanes for a while, but we are seeing continuing coverage of something even more exciting: fires.

You can find the streams of the live coverage of the fires in Southern California here:
CBS 2 from LA.
NBC 4 from LA
FOX from LA.

No fun.


Here's another article on the end of this pathetic F1 season, where McLaren is appealing the ruling made from the stewards investigation on fuel irregularities affecting two teams. If the appeal is successful two teams get disqualified and Lewis Hamilton will get awarded fourth place and the F1 drivers title.

I mean, this is insane. If you are going to disqualify people and strip people of points, well, fine, but don't give Lewis Hamilton fourth-place points! Don't upset the result of the race! We have an F1 champion already, and that ought to be it! I don't want a bunch of officials and bureaucrats deciding a champion, we have enough of that in other sports (ie. the Olympic Games). It ought to be based on what happened out there on the track, nothing else!

I'm with Fernando Alonso here when he says this would be an embarrassment to the sport of Formula 1 auto racing.

That's it!!!!


Noticed that 30 Days of Night was Number One.

Also notice no one is going to the theaters. Gee, I wonder why. Maybe it's because all these movies are LAME and/or DEPRESSING.

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Well, Kimi Raikkonen came from behind in the points to win the Formula 1 drivers championship in Brazil in the final race of the season.

I gotta say, it was a great finish to the season and a lot better than these Michael Schumacher blowouts. Raikkonen finished one point up on Lewis Hamilton, who was way back in the pack, and Fernando Alonso blew his chance by finishing third. If he was second, Raikonnen would not have won the title.

In a bizarre twist these guys in F1 conducted a stewards investigation following the race over alleged rules violations by other teams!!! So we almost had the stewards deciding the F1 title in a year where McLaren got stripped of all its points in the drivers standings, handing the driver title to Ferrari. This year was a farce as far as officiating was concerned.

In other news, Cleveland confirms its status as Losertown after losing to the Red Sox.

UPDATE: McLaren is APPEALING the stewards investigation ruling!!! F1 is a JOKE.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Here's an article written by Adam Till, creator of the Showtime TV series Billable Hours, in the debut issue of Precedent.

It kind of gives an interesting history of the show. What he wanted was to create a one-hour "dramedy" on the awful life of young associates. But TV executives all turned it down. They said no one would want to watch any hour drama on the miserable life of young associates!

They're right! You think the audience wants to spend an hour watching associates do document review in conference rooms? Or waste away in an office working on file after file?

No wonder they turned the show into a comedy. Smart move. Actually, I think maybe these executives in Canadian television saw what happened with a show called The Associates, produced in Canada for CTV. It didn't last very long. That was kind of a dramedy, too. I think these TV guys figured they tried the format already and it didn't get the ratings, so why bother with another one? That's my theory, anyway.

The other thing that struck me about the article was that Till said half his law school class bailed out of practice two years after they graduated law school. Fifty per cent!!! That's ridiculous. I think it must be a product of the law school he attended, though (Osgoode Hall at York University). The people there got jobs in Toronto, where the hours are long and life is really bad. In fact, in Toronto the hours are the worst in the country. Absolutely the worst sweatshop conditions imaginable. I know people in Calgary complain about the hours there, too, but Toronto is way worse. And the attrition rate there is through the roof; the bosses there are just ungrateful jerks from the sounds of it.

What can I say? Law really is boring and a miserable life.


Well, both the Writers Guild of America East and West have voted to walk off the job.

But negotiations are still going on and no one is going to be off the job before November 1. As well, the studios have stockpiled a bunch of shows so I doubt it's going to hit the TV screens immediately. The only real effect a strike is going to have is, well, nothing getting cancelled. So that's what we are seeing right now.

We'll keep you posted.

Friday, October 19, 2007


Big news. Liz Claman is the latest financial news hottie to join Fox Business Network.

The babes are all anyone on the Street cares about when it comes to these channels. Really. Anyway, score one for Roger Ailes at the direct expense of CNBC.

Now, if only we can get this channel up here, in frozen Canada....


Check out my prediction for the weekend box office, where I predict a comeback for myself after getting them wrong several weeks in a row. I'll probably get them wrong again. But hey, it's fun to be on who wins at the box office. Just don't bet any money on it, because you'll LOSE.

By the way, is it me or does The Comebacks look lame?! Looks like a sure loser to me.


Read that Universal had a cow when they heard that director Robert Rodriguez tapped his girlfriend Rose McGowan to be Barbarella. So they dropped the movie!

Heck, I'd have a cow, too, considering McGowan was the star of Grindhouse. And how much did that movie make?! Not too much. And keep in mind, it was a good movie! If Rose McGowan can't carry a flick like that, how the heck do you expect her to carry Barbarella?

I dunno. They need some big name if they are going to do this thing right. Otherwise it's gonna flop.

My advice -- get Kate or Sienna. And when you do finally make the flick, make sure she gets naked.

(Shouldn't be too hard to convince Sienna to strip. Kate, I dunno.)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Just a reminder that tomorrow on Jimmy Kimmel Live the guest is hottie Angie Harmon.

She has a new show on TV, too -- yet another one that no one is watching. I forget what it's called. I really don't care.
Notice nobody is cancelling any TV shows yet because of all the strike rumors.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Well, everyone in Canada is excited about whether or not there is going to be an ELECTION after this Throne Speech.

Liberals are going to decide what to do tomorrow; wouldn't be surprised if they chicken out, at least for the moment.

That's it for now.

P.S. - By the way, a big "Hi" to you folks who found the CAIRNS BLOG by entering the search term MARISA MILLER.

Friday, October 12, 2007


I have to tip my hat off to FOX for trying their best to bring back the situation comedy in the traditional style that we are all used to, with the laughter and all that in the background.

You notice what they are doing now? Variety is reporting that on 'Til Death and Back to You, the actors at the start say "this show was filmed before a studio audience." Just like they used to do on every sitcom in the 1970s!

Personally, I loved the old sitcoms the way they used to be and want them back, now, on the air. I'm fed up with the reality schlock, and there are too many dramas, and "dramedies" on TV as it is. I want sitcoms on TV!


In honor of Esquire magazine and its absolutely safe and boring selection of Charlize Theron (ZZZZ) as the Sexiest Woman Alive, I just thought I would put up another Women I Love post up in honor of the woman who really is the Sexiest Woman Alive right now, Sports Illustrated swimsuit goddess Marisa Miller.

Although, to be honest with you, I kind of change my mind on the subject every week. One week it's Marisa Miller, the next week it's Sienna Miller. Basically anyone named Miller. There's also Keeley Hazell, the popular page 3 girl from the UK, and these other hotties like Elsa Pataky, Elsa Benitez, all these exotic women. And of course, I have a big crush on Jaime Pressly, who is the sexiest woman on TV.

You never hear about these hotties, though - not from Esquire and these other places. But they are all sexier than Charlize Theron, Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Aniston and all these other supposed Sexiest Women Alive.

Jessica Biel I can understand, though. Same for Angelina Jolie. But Marisa has those two all beat, too.

Back to my discussion of Marisa Miller. The reason I love Marisa is because she's made it on her all-natural good looks. She started her career by posing in Perfect 10, which is great because Perfect 10 is devoted to showcasing these women who don't go for implants. That's why that mag took off. Guys were sick and tired of seeing, ahem, fake breasts on all these women, and women were fed up having to go under the knife for phony implants in order to do modeling for Playboy and places like that.

Anyway Marisa posed for some delicious nude photographs for Perfect 10 and showed off her all-natural self, making her instantly popular with guys for that reason alone. And that launched her career. She went on to become an Elite supermodel and appeared in Sports Illustrated, posing in various swimsuits. She's also gone on to do Victoria's Secret stuff where she gets to hang out with Heidi Klum. Marisa has quite the life.

Personally, I think this woman is great. I'm a big fan of all the supermodels and my heart melts when I see these women on TV or in the movies. I just thought I would post a few more swimsuit photos of this gorgeous woman, just to prove to everyone that this woman is waaaaaay sexier than Charlize Theron. Really, what are those guys at Esquire smoking?! Marisa has Charlize totally beat.

I just gotta say it: I love Marisa Miller and think she's sexy as hell.


Well this really is the end of an era. The Kids WB!, the very last in-house Saturday morning cartoon department, is closing down. Instead, the CW is going to subcontract its entire Saturday lineup to the folks at 4Kids Entertainment, which runs a lot of anime and all that boring stuff.

It's the end of an era because for years these networks used to show kids shows and cartoons on Saturday mornings. And they'd be heavily promoted by these networks, and they'd put big ads in all the comic books promoting the fall lineups, and so on.

Now it's all contracted out, everywhere. FOX got out of showing its own cartoons by contracting with 4Kids Entertainment as well, so this same bunch of people will be showing cartoons on not one, but two networks. Meanwhile, CBS subcontracted with Nickelodeon, NBC with Discovery (I guess they're with Qubo now), and ABC shows nothing but Disney Channel stuff. Basically, it's all garbage. Saturday mornings are FINISHED.

I feel particularly sad about the Kids WB! going down the drain because they were the last ones to still capture the spirit of what Saturday morning TV used to be in the Seventies and Eighties. In fact they were still running Scooby-Doo! Which says it all right there.

Bye bye Saturday morning TV.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


NBC is leaving beautiful downtown Burbank!

Read it here.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Forgive me for not wanting to say a lot about the results in Ontario. Just shaking my head and wondering about the future of politics in Ontario after this one. This isn't going to encourage a lot of honest people to get into politics.

And the poor folks in Don Valley East got blown out -- this has to be the worst result yet. And next door in Don Valley West John Tory is getting beat.



You know, I am really not surprised Esquire picked Charlize Theron to be it's sexiest woman alive. I figured they would go with a big movie star, and I was right.

But really? Sexiest woman alive? I highly doubt it. Charlize Theron is definitely beautiful and is great-looking naked on-screen (which she's done quite a few times). I guess getting naked in the movies certainly qualifies you as being sexy.

But to be honest, her hot-babe days really took place about a decade ago. And frankly there are lots of quality babes out there who aren't Hollywood actresses.

Personally, these guys at Esquire need to look outside of Hollywood and make more of an effort. No disrespect to Charlize, who really is quite a sexy and classy lady, but it makes no sense to name her the Sexiest Woman Alive when we all know that the title should really belong to Victoria's Secret supermodel Marisa Miller.

I guess Esquire didn't want to give any attention to a woman who worked for Sports Illustrated --- not to mention Perfect 10.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Well, Wednesday is election day in Ontario and all I will say about it is two words: vote Tory.

That's my CAIRNS BLOG editorial endorsement, and all I will say about the Ontario vote is that I cast my vote in it last year -- with my feet.

It's really too bad that this whole election got wrapped up around the religious schools issue when there are many more important issues out there that should have been addressed. And it really is a shame that voters in Ontario think it's A-OK for politicians who lie and break their promises to stay in power.

Say what you will about John Tory, but at least he's a man of integrity who not only means what he says and says what he means, but is ready to listen to what people say about policies and adjust his position if people all say he is out to lunch. Personally, I don't think the slogan of the campaign should have been "leadership matters." A better fit would have been "he listens and he cares," because that sums Tory up.

It sure would say a lot about Ontario voters if they go and re-elect a bunch of politicians who don't listen and don't care again. The voters really need to think hard before they do something like that again.

That's about it. See you tomorrow night for CAIRNS BLOG's Ontario election coverage, live from friendly Manitoba.


You know, I have no idea why anyone ever thought that the Foxy Babes Network, uh, I mean Fox Business Network, would be short on popular babes.

Check out this Yahoo! fan site. And this post.

Also, here's an interview TVNewser did with Erin Burnett. Already Roger Ailes is on record as saying Burnett is going to get old in a hurry and that CNBC is working her to death, or something to that effect.

Sunday, October 07, 2007


Uh, no.

99 years and counting for the people of Losertown.


The Game Plan starring the Rock of WWE fame won at the box office for the second week in a row, beating The Heartbreak Kid. What a shock.

Seems all the movies are flops these days, except for ones starring The Rock.


Read it here.

Saturday, October 06, 2007


The Western Standard is no more. Out of business. (I guess I can forget now about applying to them for any jobs--- hardy har har.)

Admittedly, I didn't read the publication all that often (my magazine preferences tend to be decidedly down-market trash), but I respected what they were doing and I did like their "Shotgun" blog.

Too bad, but that's the way it's gone in magazine publishing in this country with too many magazines unable to break even.

Friday, October 05, 2007


It's bad enough when you get bad headlines about policy, but when the knives-are-out stories about John Tory are out there, you know you are finished.

And by the way, I have no idea why Stephen Harper would want to risk an election when his brethren are about to get slaughtered at the provincial level in Ontario. Seems like a fine way to start a campaign -- with your own troops in Ontario battered and bruised. Again.

Just my two cents.


I have a question.

Why do I even bother following other forms of auto racing other than NASCAR? NASCAR is really where it's at, what with the likes of Juan Pablo Montoya, A.J. Allmendinger, Patrick Carpentier and people like that joining up from F1 and the ChampCar circuits. I dunno why I follow the joke that is F1 these days. I still like the IRL, too, but their season's over.
The latest to join are Jacques Villeneuve, whose long-awaited move to NASCAR finally happened, and now 2007 Indycar champion Dario Franchitti.

Franchitti will drive for the number 40 car of Chip Ganassi . His career in stock cars begins this weekend, at an ARCA event. Soon he will be in NASCAR.

Meanwhile, Jacques Villeneuve starts at Talladega on Sunday and that is causing consternation for everyone. Villeneuve has this reputation for DNFs, and Talladega has this terrible reputation as being this place where stock cars go to die. It's the worst racetrack on the whole circuit for crashes and wipeouts, so no wonder everyone is worried. Anyway, I wouldn't be the least surprised to see Villeneuve hit the wall on Sunday and take the whole field out with him. The guy is a BUM.

I mean, I hate to be cynical, and I want this guy to win because he's Canadian and all that. But this guy's career has been a joke lately. All he's getting these days is criticism from people who think he's a bum who can't race! I still think Villeneuve should retire, or at least do something dignified with what's left of his auto racing career -- like run Le Mans races or something.

By the way, does anyone care about Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s new Number 88 car with Hendrick Motorsports? And his ugly color scheme?! That Budweiser Number 8 car is really going to be missed.


Here's a good Film School Rejects article on Ten Crazy Bitches that are Worth the Risk. It's about these crazy movie women who go nuts onscreen --- done in honor of that nutty Malin Akerman woman in.The Heartbreak Kid.

Also, Isla Fisher's character in Wedding Crashers has to rank high on any list like this one (pictured).

By the way, read elsewhere that The Heartbreak Kid is getting killed this weekend, both at the box office and at Rotten Tomatoes.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


I think it is freaking ridiculous that we folks in frozen Canada are getting denied access to the feed from TBS now that the local WTBS station in Atlanta has been converted to Peachtree TV.

Basically this is all the CRTC's fault, again. CRTC allowed in TBS not as a cable channel per se, but as a "specialty" service. Basically, it was allowed into Canada as a superstation, just like WGN and WPIX. So we got the local Atlanta signal under the CRTC rules, and under those same rules that's what we are stuck with, now that the local signal has been converted into Peachtree TV.

But this really sucks, because Canada is getting stuck with this second-rate local Peachtree TV from Atlanta while all of America is still getting TBS and all its comedy shows and movies -- and major league baseball. The problem is that the CRTC approved the Atlanta signal coming into Canada but never approved the "TBS network!" So if TBS wants into Canada they will have to file a totally separate application! I think that must be what happened, it's the only explanation I can come up with for this nonsense we are getting now from our TV sets.

This is a raw deal for Canadians. The station we were getting here wasn't WTBS. It was TBS! And we should keep on getting TBS!

This is what happens when bureaucracy trumps common sense. No one cares about the viewers in this country.


I remain kind of burned right out and probably won't post much in the next couple of days, but don't worry. I plan complete Ontario Election coverage on this blog. Next week.

Also, I plan complete Defeat of the Federal Government coverage when the big no-confidence vote happens. But then again, the Liberals are in a state of complete chaos and might chicken out on toppling the government.

What they really ought to do is chicken out. Really.

The fact is the Liberals really are a mess at the federal level, with all these people knifing Stephane Dion behind his back before he even gets around to fighting an election as leader! They need to get their act together, these Liberals.

I had hoped to get to complete coverage of the new TV season, but to be honest I haven't been watching any of the new fall shows because I have been too busy. Besides, the baseball has been too good. I did hear that Cavemen got some people to watch, which is really too bad, because that show is littering the TV real estate.

Also, I hear that Kid Nation really is terrible, and they have these kids killing chickens and the like. Talk about a show that is an outrage--- this is it. But I'm not watching that one, either.

And I understand The Heartbreak Kid opens this weekend. Not that I am likely to see it this weekend, I am going to be pretty much tied up. But I have some high hopes for it. It's from the Farelly Brothers and Ben Stiller is in it. So is Malin Akerman and Michelle Monaghan.

Did you hear that former PM Jean Chretien had quadruple-bypass surgery? This seems to be common surgery for retired political types (Chretien, Bill Clinton etc.)

That's about it, news about nothing.

Monday, October 01, 2007


Britney loses her kids.


I gotta say, what a great year it was in the National League, what with four teams in the thick of it to the very last day of the regular season, and with a division title being decided on the final day in dramatic fashion (with the Phillies clinching and the Mets recording one of the all-time greatest flops) and with San Diego and Colorado ending the season tied for the wild card.

We are now in the 11th inning of the playoff to determine who gets the final playoff spot, and in my mind the winner of this game is already decided. Baseball is the winner, and people are going to look back at the race in the National League and the Barry Bonds home run chase and say what a classic season this was.

Oops. I forgot. Steroids.

By the way, I ought to do a post some time on the great mascots of sports. Heck, I've already done these sexy NFL cheerleaders to death. I really should get back to making this blog a family show again. Pictured above, one of baseball's greatest mascots the Phillie Phanatic.


This would never have happened if I were in the John Tory inner circle. Taking a page out of the Kim Campbell playbook and changing a policy in the middle of an election campaign, even by just a little, is a good way to get bodyslammed in the press. I'd never advise it.

But nobody in politics ever listens to my sage advice, it seems. Ever. Which is why so many of my people lose.

I know some of these Blogging Tories are saying how great this is and how it shows John Tory is a leader willing to listen to the people and make changes accordingly, and that's what real leadership is all about. I would tend to agree-- it's better to listen to people than to not listen to them. But in an election campaign it's also a sure-fire way to end up with a non-leader dolt like Dalton McGuinty getting elected in the end. It makes you look wishy-washy on the issues, even if you aren't. And you end up being duck soup for the likes of Warren Kinsella and those types of people in the other party, all of them busy trying to get a real flip-flopper elected.

I'm also hearing polls saying Tory is trailing in his own riding in Don Valley West and all I will say is it's shaping up to be a very sad election for Tories again in Ontario. I am truly sad about it.

I keep telling myself I'm in a better place these days, away from Ontario. I am not sorry one bit about missing out on this emerging debacle of an election. If I were still there right now in Toronto, I'd probably be out there canvassing and getting doors slammed in my face. So yeah--- for me life is better, I guess.


Their web site is now up. Not that I am likely to see it.

Not that I am likely to see TBS. either, after what happened on our cable systems today. (We're getting Peachtree TV now instead of TBS all over Canada. Which is crazy because we're all used to watching TBS, not this Peachtree TV garbage. Strange.)