Friday, September 07, 2007


Well based on what I am seeing I am not missing much this year, not being in Toronto to see the eTalk Star! Schmooze live tonight. Besides, I have a big headache and am trying to get rid of that, too.

What can I say about an event where the biggest name there is Hilary Duff!? And that judge guy from Canadian Idol?! When is Paris Hilton going to show up, too? She's in town, there, too.

Other than that, who's there?! This is an utterly unimpressive group of B-listers these folks have served up this year. Last year was a lot better for names, and the year before was even better. When music stars are bigger than the movie stars at an event like this, that's pretty sad. Besides, who cares about Hilary Duff. I could have seen Hilary Duff for myself a few weeks ago if I wanted to, in Winnipeg. I would have had to pay money to see her, though.

Me, I don't want to see a music show on a night when the focus ought to be on the movies. That's my rant. I take back all the bad things I said about last year's show.

By the way, last year I dubbed the Toronto International Film Fest to be a big blood fest with all these films about politicians getting bumped off. This year it seems they have gone off the deep end again with a film called Young People F***ing, and guess what that's about. I notice one of the cast members went on the Schmooze and said the F word on TV.

You get the sense that Toronto has completely gone downhill ever since I moved back to the prairies?! Even the Schmooze is in the tank this year. Boooooring.

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