Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Welcome to another year of the TV Death Pool at THE CAIRNS BLOG as we try and predict which TV shows will be cancelled first.

Already I gotta say I am less than enthused about the new fall season. Part of the reason is because I am a busy man these days with a lot more going on than simply watching TV. It's funny, but my TV-watching usually takes place these days on weekends --- WHEN THERE'S NOTHING ON!!! So I miss out on the whole Monday to Thursday TV battleground. And I couldn't be bothered to tape the shows or TiVo them or do the DVR thing, because I'm too tired to watch!

Anyway, I was looking at the TV Squad website and a few other places, and it seems there are three early contenders to be the first off the air, and those three seem to be Nashville, K-Ville, and that all-time non-favorite, Cavemen. There are other shows that are really controversial such as Kid Nation, which I suspect is going to get a big audience and stay on the air for at least a few weeks before people move to get rid of that piece of junk. Then there are a few other shows that look really lame, and in fact it's shaping up to be a lame season. But I'll ignore those for now and zero in on these three I just mentioned, starting with K-Ville.

The problem for K-Ville, a cop show about New Orleans, is that it's in a terrible Monday time slot where it is certain to get killed by Heroes from what I gather. Plus, it's on FOX. FOX has this reputation for absolutely being the worst network for cancelling shows. They are notorious for being trigger happy and for pulling shows off the air before they even complete their first-season story arcs! The sad thing about FOX is that they try to put quality shows on the air, quality dramas. But then the viewers spurn them, so they have to put on the lame reality shows to replace them! Sad.

The other FOX show in even deeper trouble is Nashville, and I have no idea what this show is about. I assume it's about Nashville- that's my guess. And that tells you all you need to know right there, because this show has no buzz whatsoever. I mean, I've heard of K-Ville, I've heard of New Amsterdam, I've heard of Big Shots, I've even heard of that Sam show that keeps on changing its name that stars Christina Applegate. I also know Angie Harmon has a show. But I know nothing about this piece of dreck Nashville, which really says it all right there.

Plus it got beat in its time slot last Friday by WWE Smackdown and other lame shows from what I gather. In fact, it finished dead last in its time slot on a night of reruns! Nashville is not long for the FOX network, folks.

Then you have Cavemen on ABC, which is the worst excuse for a show you could ever imagine - a show based on television commercials. Now this is bad. You know, in the old days it used to be Saturday morning cartoon shows that used to be based on TV commercials. You had He-Man, you had My Little Pony! You had all of these shows. Well, guess what. Now we are getting prime time shows featuring characters from insurance ads. Granted, I like the ads from Geico, they're among the best ads on TV and make watching commercial breaks a pure joy in the USA. This Caveman show, though, looks like a bad one-joke premise.

But who knows? It could surprise people and be a hit among those dumbbells in middle America who count for the ratings.

If it is a hit, you know what this means folks. It'll mean more shows starring characters from insurance ads on TV.

If Cavemen hits it big, you can bet FOX will jump on the insurance-industry bandwagon and put a new animated show on its Saturday night lineup - a spy/comedy series starring the dashing, sexy, and extremely popular-with-guys cartoon character Erin Esurance.

She's a TV show waiting to happen, folks, and probably a better idea for a show that those two prehistoric dudes. Erin, you go, girl!

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